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Video Game: Forsaken Chronicle Vs 15 Blades
"Let battle commence!!"

Forsaken Chronicle meets The 15 Blades.

When Zach starred as a Secret Character in Forsaken Chronicle 2 it started a string of comments in the office of the dreators of the Forsaken Chronicle series, which then led to discussions regarding the two officially merging and forming a new fighting game.

The product of these discussions was this crossover of the two universes in a unique plotline featuring a new character, Ultima who is trying to destroy both universes and is manipulating both universes strongest into killing each other before they can stop him/her/it.

The 15 blades series included are:

Round 1. Fight!!

  • A God Am I: Ultima. Has the power to back it up too.
  • All Your Powers Combined:
    • The figure in white still wields spectral versions of the 15 blades.
    • Ultimate Replica is just called Replica and does this with Deus and Remnant.
  • Badass: Every. Single. Character.
  • Big Bad: Ultima.
  • Big Good: Shinya, surprisingly, having taken a level in Badass.
  • SNK Boss / That One Boss:
    • Ultima as the big bad and Final Boss of the game falls into this. He/She/It has lightning fast combos that are damned near impossible to predict and even harder to block. Oh, and Ultima possesses at least five instant death moves.
    • Connor and Zach are both part of a boss rush at the end of Arcade mode (Though not story mode) and have boosted stats making them both a SNK Boss.
  • X Meets Y: Forsaken Chronicle meets The 15 Blades.

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