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Video Game: Fire Fight

Fire Fight is a Isometric Shoot 'em Up developed by Chaos Works and Epic Games (when they were called Epic Megagames) and published by Electronic Arts (in the days when they went by their full title instead of just EA) in 1996. You control a white U-shaped fighter craft with a variety of weapons, and fly missions on various Single Biome Planets destroying ground and air targets and accomplishing specific other objectives, such as rescuing hostages. Simple enough.

The interesting inversion is in the plot- you work for The Empire, attempting to suppress the forces of La Résistance. In practice, The Empire is more The Federation and La Résistance are no heroic Ragtag Bunch of Misfits, so it winds up seeming like Gray and Grey Morality. But don't worry your head about that.

Fire Fight has some impressive-looking sprites, satisfying sound effects, excellent music, and decent dialogue. (You know, for a Shoot 'em Up. Most don't have any.) Most importantly, it had a nice variety of missions, rather then just "blow up everything." Not that you can't do that, of course. Now get out there and show those rebel scum what's what!

Fire Fight provides examples of:

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