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Video Game: Every Extend

Every Extend is a series of games, originally developed as a Doujin Game by Omega and later fleshed out into a commercial game series by Q Entertainment.

The series plays somewhat like a Shoot 'em Up: You move around a 2D plane dodging enemies and enemy shots. However, your sole means of offense is blowing yourself up. When you blow yourself up, enemies caught in the blast will explode similarly, causing a chain of enemy explosions if done properly.

Of course, exploding costs you a life, so you get very frequent extra lives ("extends" in Japanese shmup terminology), hence the title "Every Extend".

The series spans three games:
  • Every Extend (PC, 2004)
    The first game in the series, and the only entry to be a Freeware Game; it can be downloaded here.
  • Every Extend Extra (PSP, 2006)
    Features stage-based gameplay, with each stage having a distinct visual and audio theme.
  • E4: Every Extend Extra Extreme (Xbox Live Arcade, 2007)
    Does away with the traditional lives system and is more focused on score. Features an endless mode, a time attack mode, a "bring your own music" mode, and a completely different mode called "R4: The Revenge".

The Every Extend series contains examples of:

  • Action Bomb: You.
  • Blackout Basement: Stage 4 of Extreme. You have to rely on a radar sweep to see enemies.
  • Cap: In Every Extend and Extra, the maximum number of Quickens you can have is 8, made obvious in Extra by displaying number of Quickens obtained as a eight-segment meter. However, the maximum number of Quickens you can have and still allow Quickens to spawn is five; once you get 6 Quickens, no more will show up, so getting to 8 is a matter of getting 3 Quicken items to show up at the same time.
  • Difficulty By Acceleration:
    • As you collect Quicken powerups, the speed and quantity of enemies will increase. This does, however, open up more scoring opportunities, so collecting a full stock of Quickens is vital to high scores.
    • In Extreme stages 1-3, the music speeds up a few times as you collect Quickens, making it harder to get Beat bonuses. Stage 4, however, remains at a constant tempo.
  • Endless Game: E4. The game is easy enough that it's possible to last for hours.
  • Every 10,000 Points: That's why it's called "Every Extend". This applies only to the first two games. In E4, finite lives only appear in R4 mode.
  • Luck-Based Mission: While E4 has the multipliers for hitting the explode button on the beat, getting a good score, especially in the timed mode, is still largely dependent on getting the right enemy formations to show up, and you don't have direct control over enemy spawning.
  • Recycled Soundtrack: Extreme uses the exact same title theme as Extra.
  • True Final Boss: In Every Extend Heavy mode, you normally fight the KW Motor...unless you fulfill certain requirements, causing you to fight another boss instead, AB-A Hedron.
  • Vertical Scrolling Shooter: Subverted in that you don't shoot at all; you have to explode to attack.

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