Elebits is a game for the Creator/{{Nintendo}} UsefulNotes/{{Wii}} developed by Creator/{{Konami}}. It was a launch title in Japan, and appeared in the US a bit later, and several months later in Europe and Australia as ''Eledees''.

Elebits are small creatures that provide the world with electricity. Almost everything needs them to function: cars, [=TVs=], toys, driers, electric signs, etc. The story revolves around young Kai, a boy whose parents are avid Elebit researchers. Thanks to their continuous research, Kai's parents seem to forget to spend more quality time with their son that they spend more time doing research. This only infuriates Kai a lot, blaming the Elebits for taking his parents away. One night, a lightning bolt strikes down the amusement park that a long-lasting blackout covers the city. Kai's parents go off to see what's going on at their labs while Kai is left alone at home. Wanting to see his favorite TV show, Kai picks up the Capture Gun and starts going around the house to capture all the Elebits running around, until things go out of control from there...

The game's concept is basically that there are these cute little creatures throughout the world that provide power to all objects. These creatures are running amok and it is your task to find them and then suck them up into your tractor beam-type gun (making it stronger and able to move more stuff). You do this by moving every item and opening every drawer, box door and window, and making a huge mess of things. At first you're stuck in a room or a house, but later on you walk the streets, launching cars into the air and pulling lampposts out of the ground.

As goofy as it sounds, it's actually quite a lot of chaotic fun, if you're willing to look past the fact that the game makes no sense and that the graphics are subpar. Other strong points include the beautiful artwork present in the cutscenes of the game, and the bouncy, jazzy soundtrack.

A sequel was released on the UsefulNotes/NintendoDS named ''Elebits: The Adventures of Kai and Zero''.


!!Elebits contains examples of:

* AllYourPowersCombined: [[spoiler: The final boss]].
* ArtisticLicensePhysics: Gravity guns aren't real, of course...but [[RuleOfCool who]] [[RuleOfFun cares]]?
* AmusementPark: [[spoiler: The final set of levels]].
* ArtShift: In contrast to the fairly standard graphics of the actual gameplay, the cutscenes are done in an elaborate, painterly style.
* AwesomeButImpractical: After obtaining S ranks on all missions, you're allowed to use the Vacuum Laser all the time, which makes Elebit capturing a lot easier. Although at first it sounds really awesome, it is not very recommendable to use it on missions with limited noise and breakable objects. Not to mention that will surely call the creepy Boss Black Elebits into the open. But then...
* ConsoleCameo: You can find a UsefulNotes/{{Wii}} and a Wii Remote in some areas.
* DefeatMeansFriendship: [[spoiler: Zero. Arguably all the other Elebits.]]
* DieChairDie: So much. ''[[SerialEscalation So much]].''
* ExcusePlot: So a kid who doesn't like Elebits, which power everything, finds himself in a power outage. START MESSSING AROUND!
* FakeDifficulty: There are hair-pulling moments even in the earliest of levels that scream unfairness. The noise meter, for example, ignores blatant sounds as a plate falling to the floor from a good three feet, but it's apparently very good at picking sounds from items that don't even budge one bit when touched. As for the things that can break apart, you know the producers are being shady by randomly tossing in a glass pyramid in the kitchen that can easily make you fail the mission.
** The Challenge missions have this a few times, such as filling a garage with basketballs to prevent capturing harmful Elebits while Black Elebits have enough strength to push said basketballs around to block you from getting the obtainable Elebits (and many times make you hit the black bastards who then hit you back).
* FalseFriend: The Black Elebits are [[BlatantLies friendly creatures]] that provide no electricity whatsoever. They seem to hold a grudge against Kai's Capture Gun, though.
* FirstPersonShooter: ''Sort of.''
* GravityScrew: [[spoiler: A few levels take place in zero gravity]].
* GuideDangIt: Some of the unlockables require certain end-of-game titles. How to get those titles? GOOD QUESTION!
* HauntedTechnology: Elebits in Tank levels.
** Also the [[spoiler: Second Phrase of the Final Boss takes over a giant robot.]]
* HumongousMecha: [[spoiler: Final boss, part two]].
* IJustWantToHaveFriends: [[spoiler: Zero's motivation in the game.]]
* NotSoDifferent: [[spoiler: Kai and Zero, which is why Zero becomes Kai's pet.]] Awwwww.
* ParentalAbandonment: The reason Kai doesn't like Elebits - his parents are both avid Elebit researchers.
* PreOrderBonus: A very cute plushie of an Elebit!
* RewardingVandalism
* RidiculouslyCuteCritter: The Elebits, of course.
* SceneryPorn: The cutscenes are so bright and colorful with way too many details to count.
* ShoutOut:
** Why did the Park's mascot had to be [[spoiler:freaking Robbie the Rabbit from ''Franchise/SilentHill?!'']]
** The superheroes in the trailer on the stage of level 26 resemble ''Franchise/SuperSentai''.
** The same level includes arcade machines from various Konami franchises, such as ''VideoGame/PopNMusic''.
* ThisWasHisTrueForm: [[spoiler:The final boss turns out to be a normal-sized white Elebit.]]
* WreakingHavok: [[TheMovie The Game]]!