->''"For the first time, humanity is about to be wiped out by the forces of the Dark Legion."''
-->-- '''Prologue'''

A side-scrolling, RunAndGun PlatformGame released in 1995 by AdrenalinEntertainment for the UsefulNotes/SuperNintendoEntertainmentSystem and UsefulNotes/SegaGenesis gaming systems. It takes place in the ''Franchise/MutantChronicles'' universe, drawing primarily on the ''TabletopGame/DoomTrooper'' TradingCardGame.

The player assumes the role of one of two commandos, the titular Doom Troopers: [[EagleLand Capitol]] trooper Mitch Hunter or [[AristocratsAreEvil Bauhaus]] trooper Max Steiner, fighting an evil horde of gun-toting zombies, mutants and demons, the {{Mooks}} of the [[DemonicInvaders Dark Legion]], in an effort to stop [[BigBad Algeroth, Dark Apostle of War.]] The game has a total of eight levels (Though some of these are mere boss arenas) on a number of planets throughout our solar system, most of which have been [[{{Terraform}} terraformed]] and don't really resemble their real-life counterparts.

The game was known for being rather violent, with much gore and mutilation inflicted on enemies by the player. Despite it's "T" rating, it's probably one of the most {{Gorn}} filled games released on either system. It's also a rather fun one, at that. Hard, too. Thankfully, you can shoot in eight directions and you are not a OneHitPointWonder. Bring a friend, it has [[CoOpMultiplayer co-op as well]].

!!'''Doom Troopers provides BloodyHilarious examples of:'''

* AbnormalAmmo: It's mostly run-of-the mill bullets and grenades here, but Max Steiner's secondary weapon is a pair of wrist-mounted [[KillItWithFire fireball launchers.]]
* AllThereInTheManual: Being familiar with ''Franchise/MutantChronicles'' canon may help you enjoy this game better, such as recognizing all the characters and knowing why Venus is a jungle. [[ExcusePlot Then again, maybe it wouldn't.]]
* BigBad: [[NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast Algeroth, Apostle of War.]] Other apostles make an appearance, most memorably [[ThatOneBoss Demnogonis The Befouler.]]
* {{BFG}}: Mitch Hunter's weapon of choice, an assault rifle with integral grenade launcher, is this.
* BottomlessMagazines: You need to find ammo pickups to keep your ammo pool up, but you never have to reload. This ''may'' be [[JustifiedTrope justified]], as both characters' guns look like they could hold a ''lot'' of shots. This trope is also played with, in the following way. Your Doomtroopers can run out of ammo, but when they do they will slowly regenerate up to 10 bullets. The Doomtroopers will do this infinitely until you find more ammo or the level ends.
* CaptainGeographic: Mitch Hunter's armor is rather... [[EagleLand star-spangled.]]
* DeathIsTheOnlyOption: If you are fighting Demnogonis by yourself and you're low on ammo, you're guaranteed to lose at least one man. This is because Demnogonis can take a lot of hits even from your special weapons and he only takes damage when he's throwing bones at you. You'll burn through a ton of your ammo, while Demnogonis will still have enough health to drown you in his puke.
* DoomTroops: Doomtroopers are DoomTroops, though Max Steiner definitely fits the look more than Mitch Hunter.
* DoNotRunWithAGun: [[AvertedTrope averted]], this being a ''{{VideoGame/Contra}}''-style game. However, you can stop by holding a shoulder button and then use the directional pad to aim in eight directions.
* EmergencyWeapon: In addition to PistolWhipping, both characters can deliver a swift forward thrust kick to any Legionnaire who strays too close.
* FatBastard: Semai, the second boss. Full. Freakin'. Stop.
* {{Feelies}}: The original release of the game included an exclusive promotional card for use with the ''TabletopGame/DoomTrooper'' card game.
* GardenOfEvil: Mercury, the game's second area. Somewhat [[AvertedTrope averted]] in that the plant life can't actually hurt you, it just doesn't look very friendly.
* GunsAkimbo: Max Steiner exhibits Type 1 with a pair of [[HandCannon Hand Cannons.]]
* HealThyself: Health pickups can be found, but sometimes you have to look around a bit.
* HellGate: Planet Nero, the tenth ([[ScienceMarchesOn er, ninth]]) planet in the Solar System, where the Dark Legion first entered our reality in the main setting. Serves as the final level of the game.
* HoistByTheirOwnPetard: Semai's magic makes him ImmuneToBullets. Luckily the drone that he attacks you with isn't. If you shoot down his drone, it'll fly around randomly and if it crashes into him, he'll take heavy damage. This is the only way to defeat Semai.
* JungleJapes: Venus, the first level of the game. Blame [[{{Terraform}} terraformation.]]
* LanternJawOfJustice: Mitch Hunter.
* LosingYourHead: Legionnaires can fight while decapitated; but their aim is hilariously bad.
* LudicrousGibs: Legionnaires occasionally explode if you put enough rounds into them.
* MaskPower: Max Steiner's helmet is made to look like a skull with spiky green hair.
* MercyInvincibility: Your characters are invincible when climbing a ledge, which is a good thing as they're really slow at climbing. Abusing this bit of mercy is the key to surviving the game (especially important when you fight Semai).
* NightOfTheLivingMooks: Legionnaires make up the bulk of the enemies you face. Essentially, [[OurZombiesAreDifferent these are zombies with guns.]] A few have {{BFS}}s instead.
* NoobBridge: The Waterfall in level 1. The corpses float for a little while before going over; you're supposed to use them as stepping stones.
* PlutoIsExpendable: [[AvertedTrope Averted,]] as it's a major Dark Legion stronghold, and serves as the second-to-last level of the game. Otherwise, it's the same old lifeless chunk of ice.
* PuzzleBoss: The game's second boss (Semai) is immune to all damage but his own. You must shoot an orb that he tosses out and hope the resulting explosion hits him.
* RatedMForManly: Were it made today, this game would likely be this. [[UpToEleven And more]] GrimDark.
* SecretLevel: In the Genesis version. It's also a harder game overall, but the music suffers greatly in comparison to the SNES version.
* ShouldersOfDoom: Both protagonists, and the {{Mooks}} to a lesser extent. [[BigBad Algeroth,]] as well.
* SpaceMarine: Both protagonists.
* TimedMission: The second half of Pluto becomes this after you take out the reactor in the base you were sent in to destroy.
* TimeLimitBoss: Demnogonis The Befouler, first boss of the game. He gradually fills his arena with [[{{Squick}} acidic vomit,]] resulting in a TotalPartyKill if you don't take him down fast enough.
* TinTyrant: Algeroth, the BigBad, wears a full suit of armor.
* TheUnfought: In this game, Algeroth is the BigBad and there is no mention of Illian who's the actual leader of the Dark Apostles in the Mutant Chronicles role-playing game. Also missing is Muawijhe the Apostle of Madness. Instead one of the boss fights is with a Razide (an EliteMook for the Dark Legion).
* VideoGameCrueltyPotential: [[OverlyLongGag have I mentioned how bloody this game is?]] Let me break it down. You can really put the hurt on the Legionnaires, whether you [[MoreDakka riddle them with bullets]], [[LudicrousGibs blow them to pieces]], [[KillItWithFire burn them to a crisp]] or [[BoomHeadshot blow their heads clean off.]] That last one might not kill them outright, in deference to [[EveryThingsDeaderWithZombies standard zombies.]] [[BloodyHilarious It sure doesn't make their aim any better, though.]]