Video Game / Dimensional Eclipse

Dimensional Eclipse is a Game Mod for the FreeSpace series. Developed by Droid803 and AndrewofDoom, this mod is notable for the speed at which everything moves and the notable shift in power towards fighters, giving it a more Shoot 'em Up feel. It is possible to unlock and eventually fly as some of the fighters of renowned shoot em up games.

Michael "Mike" Mason is an Ordinary High-School Student who eagerly awaits the continuation of his beloved FireSpace series. After playing it only to be disappointed, he goes to bed for finals the next day only to wake up with a girl he's never seen in his life waiting for him outside his bed. She claims to come from the future in where humanity is under threat of invasion from an alien race known as the Exarchy. She believes the skill Mike has in FireSpace 2 multiplayer, is just what humanity of the future needs to defeat the impending Exarchy threat. At first Mike did not believe what he was told, but after seeing a portal in his refrigerator he quickly changed his mind. After crossing the portal into the future, he begins his new life as a pilot of the Heaven's Alliance company Ishtar.

Dimensional Eclipse provides examples of the following tropes: