He's one crazy fellow, isn't he?

The Dad Series is created by Sakupen on Newgrounds. It details the wild mis-adventures of the delightfully demented eponymous character, Dad, who just loves to destroy things. Constantly. And his head just catches on fire and...

[[WidgetSeries Yeah, you can already tell that this series is gonna be weird, can't you?]]

In ''Dad's Home'', the eponymous character busts down the door of his house, douses his head with the family cat, and smashes his television into the refrigerator. He proceeds to smash a toaster with his fist, then [[HammerSpace brings a lasso out of nowhere]] and uses it to grab a huge keg of beer from a passing truck. He punches a hole in it and gives the beer to his kids, before running off again to break more things. Deciding that isn't enough, he punts the beer keg out the window and straight into his neighbor's house. Then he pulls a sword out of his mouth, smashing a fly, cutting a cup in half, and flings it out the same window, and straight into the neighbor's mailbox.

The Frat Boys (the truck drivers with the beer) and the neighbor all head over to the house to give Dad what for. Dad is writing [[GeniusDitz some impossibly long equation]] until they ring the door bell. He snaps his fingers and teleports to the front door, head ablaze again, and after dousing his head, he fires laser beams at the three. This startles a granny ([[AvertedTrope averting]] UnusuallyUninterestingSight), and she calls the cops.

And what does Dad do to stop the cops? [[ThePowerOfRock He rocks out]] [[VideoGame/FZero to the theme of Mute City.]]

Crazy, huh? Well, in ''Dad's At Work'', he tears out a computer cord, runs to his office, using the elevator by jumping into the shaft, slicing its support cable, and busting out the top floor's doors. Then he uses his computer blazingly fast, and ninja kicks it for no reason at all ([[SugarWiki/FunnyMoments complete with the computer reading 'UH-OH' right before]]), then uses his tongue to get coffee, and breaks down his boss' wall, [[RuleofThree his head ablaze once again]].

Then [=DadGame=] (also known as ''Dad's in Overtime'') comes along. After destroying his workplace, he destroys his boss' office, only to find his evil plans. Now he has to fight against his own boss and save the town from his nibby little hands.

It's a weird series, but it's fun as hell to watch and play. You can watch it and play [=DadGame=] [[http://sakupen.newgrounds.com here.]]

!! This really wacky series has the following examples... (Post whatever examples you like, most of the tropes here right now will focus on [=DadGame=].)

* ActionBomb: The black homing targets during the Target Break challenge [[spoiler:and the Phantom battle]].
* AdvancingBossOfDoom: [[spoiler:The Final Weapons chase you, forcing you to run away from them. Being caught underneath their massive feet is an unpleasant experience.]]
* AntiHero: Though he doesn't kill and doesn't hurt innocents, Dad is not exactly picky about whose stuff to tear apart. He does have some heroic tendencies, but in the end, an evil overlord's lair and a mall are equally tempting targets for wrecking.
* [[spoiler: AuthorAvatar: Sakupen has one in the first stage. Oddly enough, it looks a little like [[VideoGame/NoMoreHeroes Travis Touchdown.]]]]
* BigBad: Prez. Boss. in [=DadGame=].
* BonusBoss: [[spoiler: Phant0m, [[AuthorAvatar Sakupen]], and [[TheCameo Mecha Death.]]]]
* BossArenaIdiocy: Ootkee's battlefield has several convenient items you can throw at him. Also, Battbot's battlefield is full of useless junk (and police reinforcements coming) that you can build your rage on. If it were not for those, Battbot would have been nigh-invincible due to his high power and [[ConfusionFu lack of a pattern]].
** [[spoiler:You don't have a weapon during the battle with Phantom, but there are convenient boxes you can bash him with, and they even keep respawning.]]
* BraggingRightsReward: [[spoiler: the Fancy Cape. Infinite lasers, constant rage generation, healing factor (apparently)... you only get it after unlocking everything else in the game.]]
* BreathWeapon: [[spoiler:Both Final Weapons can fire a giant laser out of their mouths. This is their most powerful attack, OneHitKill on Hard. Thankfully it has a very slow cast time, has very obvious warning signs and can only hit you if you're in midair.]]
* TheCameo: [[spoiler: Mecha-Death (his boss music is even the theme that plays during his pilot)]]
** Strangely enough, [[spoiler:even the final boss is this. It's clearly a modified version of the giant walker robot from another one of Sakupen's creations, ''Walk-Smash-Walk''.]]
* ChekhovsGunman: [[spoiler: Sure, the ninja at the beginning of the was cool, but you wouldn't know he's important to the plot unless you discovered it by accident or looked at the guide.]]
** To a lesser extent, [[spoiler: Ootkee.]]
* ChickenWalker: [[spoiler:the Final Weapons.]]
* CoolHat: Dad gets a couple of these as unlockables with various effects. [[spoiler: Mecha-Death is also sporting a rather stylish top hat.]]
* DirtyCoward: Prez. Boss will run away from Dad, which is pretty justified, considering who he's up against. Less explicable is the cowardice of [[spoiler:Sakupen, who despite wielding powers that can easily be described as godlike would much rather run away when attacked.]]
* DualBoss: The Footy Twins, who are the 'defeat both' variant.
** DegradedBoss: At the same time, they appear as regular enemies in The Battlegrounds and the Tower of Destiny.
** [[spoiler: Rajinmaru]] also appears on the Tower of Destiny...[[ThisIsGonnaSuck and he still has all of his attacks.]]
* EscapistChartacter: Dad, without a doubt - considering how awesome he is and how much he can get away with.
* EverythingsBetterWithMonkeys: Subverted. The one you have to fight tosses explosives at you and [[NoHoldsBarredBeatdown can beat you raw if you let him.]] [[spoiler: [[GoodAllAlong Thankfully, he's actually good.]]]]
* EyeBeams: Dad, being the over the top Crazy Awesome guy he is, can fire them. [[spoiler:President Boss' Final Weapons can also sweep the ground with eye lasers.]]
* FinalBoss: [[spoiler: Final Weapon, and its hidden variant.]]
* GiantSpaceFleaFromNowhere: Possibly a couple of the bosses. [[CoolTrain TR]][[TransformingMecha N-1]] stands out, since there's no build up to him at all.
* GoldenEnding: [[spoiler: Through teamwork, Dad and Rajinmaru manage to apprehend Prez. Boss and become reknowned as legends.]]
* GratuitousNinja: [[spoiler: And the ninja in question is important to the secret ending.]]
* TheGrimReaper: [[spoiler: Mecha-Death]]
* GuideDangIt: [[spoiler: In order to get the secret ending, beat the boss of the Battlegrounds, then instead of pursuing President Boss, jump to the top of the tower near the end of the run. You should find a 1-Up and the secret exit to the secret boss.]]
** Having trouble finding [[spoiler: Sakupen?]] Here's three easy steps.
*** 1. Go to first level on normal or higher.
*** 2. Keep hitting the guy that looks like Travis Touchdown.
*** 3. [[spoiler: ([[NintendoHard Optional]]) [[ThatOneBoss Froth at the mouth and unleash rage at the boss.]]]]
*** 4. PROFIT!
* HoistByHisOwnPetard: [[spoiler: How both Final Weapons are dispatched.]]
* HyperspaceArsenal: Just how much junk can Dad store in his stomach, anyways?
* InexplicablyAwesome: Dad.
* InstantAwesomeJustAddMecha: It's not a surprise, considering Sakupen's mascot. [[spoiler: One even serves as the final boss.]]
* KarmaHoudini: [[spoiler: Didn't get the secret ending? President Boss not only gets absolutely no punishment, but is allowed to recuperate and attack again. This is [[SubvertedTrope subverted]] if you DO get the secret ending, in which he is apprehended, his plans totally in tatters.]]
** In the first flash, Dad gets away scot free with his acts of wanton destruction by [[ThePowerOfRock rocking the fuck out]] until even the police join in. But, then again, it's all PlayedForLaughs.
* KingMook: Batt-Bot is one, being a far more powerful and upgraded Securi-Bot.
* LightningBruiser: the ninja jumps, runs and teleports around the screen like a rabbit on crack, but he can also kill you in just a couple of hits with many of his attacks.
** Also Dad. He routinely destroys entire areas without the slightest signs of exhaustion. He can also move ''extremely'' fast & [[MadeofIron survive things that could kill a real human]], to the point of taking ''direct hit from a grenade'' with nothing but a temporarily [[AshFace ash covered body]].
** [[spoiler: Mecha-Death]] is the fastest damn thing in the game, and can (in fact, ''will'') tear you to shreds in seconds while pulling off all kinds of crazy parkour tricks.
* MacrossMissileMassacre: [[spoiler:both Final Weapons. Thankfully the missiles can be lured to hit the boss itself.]]
* TheMissingno: [[spoiler: The untextured, strange boss Phantom seems to be a nod to glitch characters. The achievement for killing him is called "Debugger".]]
* TheMole: [[spoiler: Rajinmaru and Ootkee.]]
* MultiArmedAndDangerous: [[spoiler: Mecha-Death has two normal arms and a quartet of scythe arms sprouting out of his back.]]
* MusicalNod: The riff that Dad plays when he has the electric guitar uses the same chord progression as Mecha-Death's theme, [[spoiler: which plays in full when you finally fight him]]
* OneHitKill: [[spoiler:Mecha Death will kill you immediately, disregarding invulnerability effects, if you lose a [[PressXToNotDie clash]] with him.]]
** [[spoiler:Final Weapon's giant mouth laser is a one hit kill on Hard, unless you're invulnerable. Also, getting punted into the air by an eye laser and hitting a lightning bolt along the way is certain death.]]
* OutsideTheBoxTactic: The normal method of beating Final Weapon [[spoiler: and Final Weapon X]] is to toss bombs into its open mouth and steer it's missiles towards itself. However, [[spoiler: if you get high enough, you can attack the cockpit and damage Prez Boss directly. It's usually too hard to be worth it, but if you wail on him hard enough in the Battleground as he's fleeing, his health will be low enough in the final battle for either you, Rajinmaru or Ootkee to finish him off quickly.]]
* PersonofMassDestruction: Dad. Holy crap, Dad...
* ThePowerOfRock: in the first flash Dad avoids retribution for his wanton destruction by giving a wicked rock concert. In the game, he can blast his enemies with lightning when playing an electric guitar. [[spoiler: Doing this together with a band of rockers is [[ThatOneBoss Saku]][[AuthorAvatar pen]]'s AchillesHeel.]]
* PressXToNotDie: [[spoiler:most of Mecha Death's attacks are grabs that inflict instant damage and then keep inflicting light damage over time until you free yourself by mashing the attack button. During this same battle, Mecha Death will occasionally clash with you, forcing you to mash that same button again. If you win the clash you inflict some good damage to him. If you lose, [[OneHitKill you're dead]].]]
* PuzzleBoss: [[spoiler: Both variants of the final boss fight require you to either throw its own bombs into its mouth, get its rockets to hit it, or hit Prez. Boss in the cockpit by throwing items up at him.]]
** You also can't hit Ooktee through conventional means. Hope you've been practicing that throwing skill.
*** Not really. You CAN hit Ootkee through conventional means. You just need to catch him in mid-jump.
** More straight, [[spoiler: [[AuthorAvatar Sakupen.]] You stand almost no chance against him unless you pick up guitars and use them nearby the rockers to break through his anti-guitar shield.]]
* ShockAndAwe: [[spoiler:The ninja's attacks include a very powerful stomp that creates an electric shockwave, and a dashing attack that will end with him taking the form of a lightning dragon and slamming you into the ground if it hits. If the noise when they hit you is of any indication, his shurikens appear to be electrified as well.]]
** [[spoiler:Final Weapon and Final Weapon X both have a cannon that shoots electric bolts.]]
* SNKBoss: [[spoiler: Ugh, Mecha Death. Incredibly fast and uses ConfusionFu: he has no clear pattern in his attacks. You are automatically stuck on Hard Mode, which means you can't heal, he can drain your health very quickly because of one little slip up, he blocks most of your shot save for some small openings, and to top it all off? The power struggle he will lock you into [[ThatOneAttack RESULTS IN INSTANT DEATH if you lose.]] And you will...over and over again. And after all of that hell, what do you recieve for your trouble? The only projectile weapon the game, the Fire Retardant Cat Launcher, which has the longest range of any weapon in the game, and does some pretty good damage to enemies if you charge it long enough. [[BonusBoss Thank god he's optional]], but if you want OneHundredPercentCompletion, you better buckle down and prepare for a long, hard fight. It's worth the trouble for the Cat Launcher, though.]]
** [[spoiler: There's a trick to Mecha Death, however - just use Dad's work hat (reward from story mode on hard, I believe) for infinite lasers. He's still pretty hard, but you get much more occasions to hit him.]]
* SuperStrength: Seriously, dad smashes stuff with his bare hands...''constantly''. Plus, he can pick up & throw vending machines without tiring.
* TacticalSuicideBoss: [[spoiler: You know, Prez. Boss, if you would detonate the bombs quicker and have the missiles home in on Dad, your mech would be safe and sound. Or don't fire the bombs at all, it's not like they're even all that powerful.]]
** TRN-1 would be invincible if he did not expose its weak spot in order to attack.
* ThereWasADoor: Apparently, Dad has never ''heard'' of using the doors...
* ThouShaltNotKill: Dad abides pretty firmly by this. [[AntiHero While he doesn't have any qualms about wrecking everything around,]] he doesn't even touch innocents and if forced to fight, he will usually resort to knocking his enemies unconscious (unless they're robots, then he tears them apart.
* TrueFinalBoss: [[spoiler: Final Weapon X. A modified version of the regular Final Weapon, though the only real differences are its appearance and the loss of its machine gun to be replaced with [[FrickinLaserBeams a powerful laser.]]]]
* VisualPun: A box appears around the arms and legs of Phantom's Armor form when it attacks, perhaps referring to the term "hitbox".
* WalkingTank: Final Weapon, [[spoiler:Final Weapon X]]