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Video Game: DJMAX Technika

A rhythm arcade game with some similarities to Dance Dance Revolution or those drum arcade games, DJ MAX Technika machines have been popping up all over recently in North America. The game utilizes a touchscreen interface, on which you use your fingers to poke, hold, and run along colored icons along with the music. It has in addition an HD screen so everyone else can watch your progress, or lack thereof. Along with the song playing is a music video in anime style, telling a narrative that matches the music being played by the system. The sequel has interesting mode called the Crew Race where the players can make their own set and compete it with other players.


  • Button Mashing: Or literally: Touch Screen Mashing. Several songs make you want to do this such like Color MX or Electronics HD
  • Elegant Gothic Lolita: Background animations for "Oblivion" and "Heart of Witch"
  • High Fantasy: "Ask to Wind", "Eternal Memory" and "Eternal Fantasy" Their genre is Fantasy Pop with Epic Fantasy background animations
  • Rhythm Game
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alternative title(s): DJMAX Technika
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