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Video Game: Crazy Machines
A Rube Goldberg Device simulation for the PC made by FAKT Software. Can best be summarised as a 3D equivalent of Sierra's Robinson Goldberg PC game, The Incredible Machine.

Sadly, much of the Video Game Cruelty Potential of the aforementioned Sierra game seems to be absent, but Crazy Machines has the added bonus of being slightly more element-based than The Incredible Machine. Elements such as steam, fire and electricity come into play, powering all the individual components of the contraption. Oh, and there's none of that irritating Fridge Logic seen in TIM, where a single tube of nitroglycerine can explode if anything such as a fast-moving mouse so much as touches it.

Crazy Machines contains the following tropes:

Counterfeit MonkeyPuzzle GameCriminal Case
Cox and BoxWorks Needing TropesThe Crow

alternative title(s): Crazy Machines
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