Video Game: Covetous

- The Protagonist

Covetous is an indie Surreal Horror game. You play as some kind of parasitic creature (probably a fetus) living inside of your brother's body and eating him from the inside. You gradually get bigger and bigger the more you consume, and with each level of size growth you get creepy messages telling the story of the parasite. At the very end, you are big enough to burst out of your brother, killing him in the process. You can choose either to break out of your brother's body and live instead of him, or you can choose to give up and die, allowing your brother to live on.

It's full of Nightmare Fuel and manages to be pretty creepy despite, or maybe even because of, its poor 8-bit graphics. It focuses little on actual gameplay (you just use the arrow keys to move and eat) and more on the story and theme of the game.

The game can be played on Newgrounds here.

This game provides examples of: