''Charlie The Duck'' is a 1996 shareware [[SuperMarioBros Mario-like]] PlatformGame for DOS/PC made by Wiering Software in which you control a duck named Charlie. Each world in the game has three levels and a boss. The game and its 2001 sequel have a [[http://www.wieringsoftware.nl/ free trial]] available. There's also a [[http://www.kongregate.com/games/Wiering/charlie-the-duck flash version]] with different levels.
!!General tropes:
* OneUp: The Egg item.
* BeeAfraid: A recurring flying enemy.
* {{Combos}}: Stomp various enemies without touching the floor or hit many of them while invincible to get bonus points.
* CrateExpectations: Crates contain coins, cystals and eggs.
* GoombaSpringboard: It seems to work differently in the sequel.
* GoombaStomp: How you kill enemies, as usual for the genre.
* HeartContainer: The hidden Super Hearts.
* HitPoints: Three, at first.
* InvincibilityPowerUp: The Shield item.
* NintendoHard
* NoPlotNoProblem
* SharewareGame
* TheGoomba: Expies of the TropeNamer.
* TheSpiny: Spiked fishes.
!!Charlie The Duck tropes:
* BottomlessPits
* DifficultySpike: [[ThatOneBoss The first boss.]]
* KingMook: The first boss is a big version of the red fish enemy.
* LevelGoal: A Sign like the ones from Franchise/{{Sonic|TheHedgehog}} games.
* TimedMission
!!Charlie II tropes:
* GottaCatchEmAll: You must collect at least 60% of the items in a stage to unlock the exits.
* HaveANiceDeath: Each level and boss song has a death jingle.
* NoEnding, AWinnerIsYou: Don't expect more than a wall of text for the ending.
* RecurringBoss: The boss is always the same robot with balls orbiting it, but with new attacks.
* SecretLevel: Find the secret exits to enter them.
* SpikesOfDoom: Spikes kill Charlie in a single hit. What's annoying is that you often have to fall on holes to find items, but you can't know for sure if there are or not any spikes down there until you drop.
* SpringsSpringsEverywhere: A recurring gimmick.