Video Game / Call of Dooty

Call of Dooty is a series of Doom WADs created by Matthew "Chubzdoomer" C., reimagining the first episode of the original Doom in the style of a Call of Duty-style modern military shooter. The series chronicles the exploits of Corporal Flynn Taggart as he infiltrates the UAC base on Phobos to eliminate a group of "Russians". The series is chock full of potshots at military shooter tropes and references to CoD.

The series is currently up to level 3. Videos (and download links to the WADs) can be found here, here and here.

This series provides examples of:

  • Action Commands: Lots of them, usually revolving around opening and breaching doors, though there's also ones for fixing steam leaks to continue on through a vent, and the prerequisite Press X to Not Die quick-time events.
  • America Saves the Day: Taggart and co are apparently still Space Marines, but they still behave like an exaggeration of the gung-ho American soldier archetype (complete with speeches about freedom and democracy.)
  • Captain Obvious: Your occasional teammate, Mission Control, and drill sergeants sometimes like to point out some really obvious things.
    Drill Sergeant: The shotgun is a close-quarters weapon that fires multiple projectiles per shot. It is great for killing enemies.
  • Diegetic Interface: Follows the "screen turns red and bloody as you're injured" shooter trope.
  • Downloadable Content: Parodied. The player has to go through the whole game (so far) with nothing but a pistol and shotgun (with the exception of a chaingun turret section in level 3.) Although there's more powerful weapons laying around, they're not allowed to actually use them without purchasing fictional DLC.
    • There's also the doorway to the "Tomb of Doom" in level 3 that's DLC-locked.
  • Easter Egg: Just like in Call of Duty: Black Ops, the player can break free of their restraints during the level 2 starting menu and access a hidden game (this time the first level of Wolfenstein 3D.)
  • Forced Tutorial: The second and third levels begin with these in the form of boot camp flashbacks.
  • Grand Finale: In 2017, four years after the third level is released, Chubzdoomer released a video playthrough of Level 4, billed as the finale of the game. After going through two rooms, the player encounters a television screen, and a trailer for the 2016 game plays. Afterwards, a splash screen appears, praising the new Doom game for Revisiting the Roots of the genre and not adopting the conventions of modern military shooters. It then goes on to say that Taggart didn't need to look for the Russians, he just needed to find himself. This pissed off gamers who were genuinely interested in what the Russians were ultimately plotting. It doesn't help that the video was released on April Fools' Day.
  • Insistent Terminology: Those demons and zombies you're fighting? No no no, they're just Russians. Really!
  • Invisible Wall: If you try to move on before a cutscene's finished, you'll run into one of these.
  • Mundane Made Awesome: Sort of. The series makes a huge deal about collecting key cards and powerups. When Taggart finds the partial invisibility power-up, it's treated with a large amount of build-up and even a bizarre Dream Sequence before it's actually seen in action.
  • Player Punch:invoked Parodied in level 3, where Taggart suddenly encounters a dog and follows after it for a couple of hallways before it's killed by a demon. Taggart is utterly distraught over the death of a dog he's only known for less than 5 minutes.
  • Press X to Not Die: Naturally, there has to be plenty of quick-time events in a Call of Duty parody.
    • The Spectre boss fight in level 3 is almost nothing but this, with the player having to press specific buttons to fight it off when it lunges at them until they can knock it into a nearby toxic pool.
  • Product Placement: There are quite a few ads strewn throughout levels 2 and 3. You even get achievements for looking at them.

    Please visit
  • Railroading: Exaggerated. Going anywhere other then a strict path through the map gives you an out-of-bounds warning. And some points you aren't even allowed to go to specific points within a small room (it reaches its peak in level 1, where the player ends up in a tiny room, and gets an out-of-bounds warning for going anywhere other than straight to the door to the next room.)
  • Regenerating Health
  • Renegade Russian: Subverted and parodied. You're clearly just fighting the same Doom zombies and demons, but everybody swears up and down that they're actually Russians.
  • Shout-Out: The second level references the main menu in Call of Duty: Black Ops with Taggart being strapped down and interrogated. It even has its own version of Black Ops' main menu Easter Egg.
    • Killing every enemy in level 3 gets you the "No Russian" achievement.
    • The thumbnails for levels 2 and 3 include the subtitles "Green Ops" and "Spectres".
  • Story-to-Gameplay Ratio: Waaaay on the opposite end of the original game.
  • Take That!: To modern military shooter tropes like excessive Railroading and abuse of Product Placement, with some jabs taken at DLC.