--> ''"Right about now it's time to rock with the biggedy Buck Bumble"''\\
-The game's title theme.

''Buck Bumble'' is a game for the {{Nintendo 64}} developed by Creator/ArgonautSoftware and released in 1998 by Creator/{{Ubisoft}}. You play as the titular Buck, a cyborg bumblebee enlisted by The Resistance, a peace keeping force for the garden the game takes place in, to eliminate the threat of the Herd Army, a band of mutant bugs who seek to conquer the garden, then move on to the rest of the world. The game was known mostly for its [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0DDY299Ly4 incredibly catchy theme]], as well as being a cult classic, getting mostly decent reviews.
!!'''This game contains examples of:'''
* GameOverMan: The game over screen shows a picture of the final boss with the words "Game Over"
** Interestingly, it's unlikely that you'd realize that it's the Herd Queen on that screen the first time you see it, since she only appears in-game at the last level.
* HeroicMute: Buck says "Cool!" or "Yeah!" when picking up items, but that's about it.
* HollywoodCyborg
* MissionControl: The Resistance sends Buck messages when he's on missions.
* MouseWorld
* NinjaPirateZombieRobot: The single player brings us a cyborg bee having dogfights with mutant insects. Multiplayer brings us cyborg bees with rocket launchers playing football.
* SuperDrowningSkills: Buck drowns instantly the moment you touch water, causing you to lose a life.