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Video Game: Bridge Builder Series
The Bridge Builder series is a puzzle/simulation game by Chroniclogic. The games in order are:
  1. Bridge Builder (2000)
  2. Pontifex (2001)
  3. Pontifex 2, later renamed to Bridge Construction Set (2002)
  4. Bridge It (2003)
  5. Pontifex III (2010)

The objective of the game is to build bridges with given materials and a budget. After the bridge is constructed, a simulation must be activated in which vehicles try to cross the bridge. If the bridge manages to support the weight of itself and the vehicles until the last vehicle has passed, the level is complete.

Bridge Builder series contains examples of:

  • Instant-Win Condition: You win a level if the last vehicle reaches its destination, regardless of whether your bridge collapses.
  • Stock Sound Effects: Hydraulics make a stock elevator sound in Bridge It.
  • Tech Demo Game: Bridge It was endorsed by Nvidia to test its graphic card capabilities.

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