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Video Game: Bomberman Generation

"In the infinitely expanding universe... This is where energy unfathomable... to human kind is overflowing... In the search for this unknown energy... many researchers have challenged outer space... The time is Cosmic Year 200X..."

Bomberman Generation is the first Bomberman title for the Nintendo Gamecube, released in 2002. Developed by Game Arts, it was the fourth fully-3D game in the Bomberman series following the three Nintendo 64 titles.note 

In the story, Dr. Ein sends a space freighter to collect the "Bomb Elements", six crystals with unfathomable power, to bring to Planet Bomber so he can study them. However the Hige-Hige Bandits, led by Big Bad Mujoe, attack the freighter, scattering the crystals across Tentacalls; the Bandits are on the move to find the crystals and team up with Bomberman's rivals, the Crush Bombers. Ein sends Bomberman out to fight off the Hige-Hige Bandits and the Crush Bombers, lest they find the Bomb Crystals and send the universe into peril.

Generation was also one of the first Gamecube titles to use Cel Shading, and it was one of the first Bomberman titles to use complete voice acting. Regardless, longtime Bomberman fans probably just stuck to the multiplayer.

The game had a Spiritual Successor in the form of Bomberman Jetters, which played like a watered-down version of Generation while being a Recursive Adaptation of the Bomberman Jetters anime.

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alternative title(s): Bomberman Generation
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