''Bomberman '93'' is the second installment of the ''VideoGame/{{Bomberman}}'' [[UsefulNotes/TurboGrafx16 TurboGrafx-16]] trilogy, released in 1992. It was followed in 1993 by ''[[VideoGame/{{Bomberman94}} Bomberman '94]]''.

Black Bomberman and six accomplices steal seven vital chips from the pan-galactic bureau's mother computer, shutting it down. The pan-galactic federal police sends emergency order to its NO.1 super detective, Bomber Cop (better known as White Bomberman), to give chase and retrieve them.

The game is currently available to purchase from the UsefulNotes/{{Wii}} UsefulNotes/VirtualConsole, along with ''Bomberman '94'' and ''VideoGame/BombermanHero''.

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!!This game provides examples of:
* BadassBiker: Red, Blue, Green and Yellow Bombers appear riding bikes before Black Bomberman is faced.
* BigfootSasquatchAndYeti: Hibadon / Grumpus.
* EarlyInstallmentWeirdness: The setting of the game is the six-planet Magellan solar system, which never made another direct appearance in the franchise. It seems Creator/HudsonSoft was transitioning the storyline away from Earth, but hadn't yet settled on Planet Bomber or the Bomber Nebula.
* EvilTwin: Black Bomberman. [[spoiler:This is the last game before he experiences his HeelFaceTurn.]]
* GiantEnemyCrab: Kanigozen / The Cockle Twins.
* GreenHillZone: Brajira Star / Blossom Planet.
* HumongousMecha: Black Bomberman uses one.
* LethalLavaLand: Zaurus Star / Planet Inferno.
* LivingStatue / RockMonster: Gabara / El-Baal.
* ManEatingPlant: Zankokuran / Petunia.
* PalmtreePanic: Aquaria Star / Planet Surf.
* PlanetSpaceship: Genesis Star / Planet Techo.
* PteroSoarer: Pteranon / Blastbat.
* SlippySlideyIceWorld: Crystal Star / Icicle Planet.
* ShiftingSandLand: Dune Star / Planet Wither.
* TeleportSpam: Monger / Digger.
* UndergroundLevel: Asian Star / Planet Quarry.