Video Game / Bloodright: The Blood Royal

A module for Neverwinter Nights that details the story of a young adventurer, bastard of King Aelfrecht, as he seeks his fortune in the great city of Deornhal.

As your mother lay on her deathbed, breathing in her last ragged gasps, she at last told you the identity of the father you'd never known—King Aelfrecht of Elondria. Pressing his old signet ring into your hand and whispering a final entreaty to go to the capital of Deornhal and seek out Faelred, your mother passed on into the next life, leaving you alone and adrift in a world that had suddenly become strange.

Now your travels have brought you to the great city of Deornhal, commercial hub and seat of power for the kingdom of Elondria. Yet tragedy has befallen the nation as King Aelfrecht lies dying from an unknown disease. Without his guiding hand, the veneer of stability surrounding the city has crumbled away, revealing the rotted foundation beneath. Turmoil now reigns supreme in Deornhal as factions large and small battle for control while awaiting the king's demise. Some move openly to oppose the rightful government, while others cloak their actions in shadow and secrecy. Who will you join in this roiling miasma of deceit and treachery—and what will be your destiny?

This game contains examples of:

  • Heroic Bastard: What the player character can be.
  • Kingmaker Scenario: A number of characters have their eyes on the throne. It's up to the player to decide who gets their. If the player doesn't decide that they'd quite like to be King instead, that is.