''Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa'' (''Bio Miracle - I'm Upa'') is a PlatformGame made by Creator/{{Konami}} in 1988 for the Famicom Disk System. It was never physically released in North America, but is available on the Wii's Virtual Console.

The story follows Prince Upa, who comes from a long line of brave fighters. One day he accidentally breaks an urn, [[SealedEvilInACan releasing the evil spirit Zai]] upon the world. Now it's up to him to [[SaveTheWorld save his kingdom]] and rescue the babies Zai captured.

!! This game provides examples of:
* BalloonBelly: What your rattle is capable of giving every enemy in the game.
* BigEater: Upa, all thanks to the two "digging" levels, where he literally eats his way through.
* EdibleAmmunition: Flying pink elephants dropping explosive onigiri.
* FastTunnelling: In Worlds 1-2 and 6-2, where Upa must eat through cake and cheese.
* ImprobableWeapon: A magic rattle, a gift from a fairy.
* LevelAte: World 1 is a sweets themed level, World 2 is fruits and vegetables themed, and World 6 is milk and cheese themed.
* SpikesOfDoom: Later levels feature protruding pencil points of pain.
* SpringsSpringsEverywhere: Spiral notebook bindings.
* ToyTime: World 7.