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Video Game: Big Thinkers!
So come along to our house, where the adventure starts
Reach for the stars and you'll be a super star of smarts
Big Thinkers!
—The opening theme song

A series of Edutainment Games by Humongous Entertainment that's rather...interesting. It stars the rather twisted Ben and Becky Brightly, whose goal seems to be to entertain you while educating you. It's a little bit like the Jump Start series, except Ben and Becky are quite odd. They transform into anything you can imagine, and own several things you'd never expect a teenager to even dream of having. You play several minigames to earn SmartStars, where you can collect enough to eventually take part in the Super Star of Smarts challenge.

There are only two games in the series, Big Thinkers! Kindergarten and Big Thinkers! First Grade. A second grade version was planned, but it was scrapped after it turned out developing three games at once was too ambitious. Needless to say, much like other minor Humongous franchises, it simply didn't catch on very well. Even poor Buzzy The Knowledge Bug got more attention than Ben and Becky, and still don't get much love nowadays despite Humongous' growing fandom.

Big Thinkers! provides examples of:

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alternative title(s): Big Thinkers
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