Video Game / Better Than Wolves

A total conversion mod for Minecraft created by user Flower Child, that adds mechanical power to the game, which creates a wide variety of things ranging from elevators to pottery. There are also a large number of change to game mechanics ranging from mob behavior to starvation and mining. There is a wiki.


  • Black Magic: Soulforged Steel is used to create the best tier of tools in the game. You also need to trap souls and combine them with iron ingots to create it.
  • Crossover: Defied. Unlike the majority of major mods, Better Than Wolves is (very deliberately) not built against the Minecraft Forge modding API, and as such cannot be played alongside any other mods.
    • However, there is currently a little-known-of in-development rewrite called Better With Mods, which is built against Forge.
  • Difficult, but Awesome: Refined Tools require a LOT of work to get, but are better than even diamond tools.
  • Early Game Hell: In Minecraft, it's fairly easy to get a full set of stone tools and a decent food supply in less than five minutes. In Better Than Wolves, you must go through a much slower process just to get a stone pickaxe. Every block breaks very slowly if you're not using the right tool. If you don't build a shelter and find a source of food before the first nightfall, you will die quickly and respawn hundreds of metersnote  away from where you were, with no co-ordinates system to help you find your way back.
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: Several.
    • Creeper Oysters are an item that you can get in the game from killing or shearing Creepers. Remember what Creepers famously look like?
    • The "Breeding Harness" is used to stop animals from moving while producing offspring. It also happens to look like a gimp mask.
  • Harder Than Hard: Minecraft is easy compared to Better Than Wolves. Everything you would take for granted in Vanilla has been removed, nerfed, or made more dangerous. 'Peaceful' and 'Easy' difficulties are disabled.
  • I'm a Humanitarian: Sometimes players drop 'mystery meat' upon their death, which you can cook and eat. You can even turn it into a sandwich.
  • I'm A Wolfitarian: You can feed wolfchops to wolves. They will instantly turn hostile even if you've tamed them.
  • Self-Imposed Challenge: An option has been added that disables the use of buckets, called "Hardcore Bucket."
    • Just having this mod installed is one of these. Beds are no longer usable at all, eating too much slows you down, armor slows you down, explosives are much more bothersome to get, iron is now worth 1/9th of what it was in the normal game. There's a reason FlowerChild puts the term "Hardcore" before nearly every change to Minecraft he makes.
  • Soul Jar: Soul Urns. Also a partial case with Soulforged Steel, which requires Soul Urns to make.
  • Tech Tree: There are specified ages within the game, and you must make a certain item considered to be the "head" which unlocks the next age and allows you to craft more items. There's a full list here, with the ages listed. It is so huge people in the forums call the one in vanilla "tech shrub" here
  • Savage Wolves: The Beast.