[[caption-width-right:256:Try not to step on your own troops]]

A game based AfterTheEnd where two armies fight over what land is left is left of the world, after the rising sea levels destroyed almost all livable land. You play Hawk Winter, a hotshot Dockworker & hovercraft racer who has a friend involved in the [[SuperPrototype Aquila project]] and recruits him as its pilot.

You can pilot 5 different Battle Engine variants, vehicles that can transform between walker mode and jet mode.

!!This game contains examples of
* AcePilot
* AdjectiveNounFred
* AfterTheEnd: A worldwide flood has left only a few tiny islands habitable.
* BattleshipRaid: The penultimate encounter.
* TheBattlestar: Both "Fenrir" and "Venturer" qualify. The former is even armed with [[WaveMotionGun Ion Beam Cannon]], that generates powerful explosion on hit.
* BigGood: Colonel Chuck Kramer, head of the Battle Engine project and the voice of grumpy reason throughout the game.
* BreathWeapon: Gill-M possesses some sort of corrosive breath, which is capable of dealing quite a lot of damage.
* ColorCodedForYourConvenience: [[TheFederation Forseti]] units are [[BlueIsHeroic Blue and White]], [[TheEmpire Muspell]] forces are [[RedAndBlackAndEvilAllOver Red and Black.]]
* ConceptArtGallery: The better you do in a level, the more concept art you can view.
* DeflectorShields: Available in walker mode but not jet mode.
* TheEmpire: Muspell, who are the primary antagonists of the game.
* EnergyWeapon: Several of the 10 possible weapons are energy based.
* EncyclopediaExposita: Every unit and character in the game, from the giant artillery platform to those civilian trucks that make a cameo in one level, have their own page of specs and history.
* GiantSpaceFleaFromNowhere: A gigantic mutant sea creature, called Gill-M, randomly appears in one level and obliterates all the enemy forces on the island. Then you have to drive it away from friendly forces. In article about it, it is implied that it was result of Muspell's doings, but that's about it.
* GlobalWarming: Rising sea levels has left land a scarce commodity.
* HumongousMecha: The titular Battle Engine isn't the biggest unit in the game, but it towers over convoys of tanks and most other walkers easily.
* ImprovisedPlatform: Levels that take place at sea will require you to land on ships to recharge. They even tell you, "Be prepared to land anywhere." Taking that to the level of direct offense, one way to take out enemy landers is to land on top of them and shoot them point-blank with your cannon.
* InvisibilityCloak: The Sniper has reduced weaponry but can turn invisible.
* LimitBreak: After Battle Engine's shields receive some amount of damage, the main weapon of Battle Engine becomes "augmented" and capable of a single powerful charged-only shot, after which it reverts to normal, when it can be turned "augmented" again. Pulse Cannon's augmented shot is a giant version of the normal pulse blast, capable of dealing huge damage over a big area, Beam Laser fires several highly-damaging quick-travelling energy bursts, which can be locked on one or several targets and Railgun fires several powerful shots in quick succession without using additional ammo.
* MacrossMissileMassacre: The micro missiles and, to a lesser extent, flux missiles, are spat out in impressive volleys.
* MillionMookMarch: The opening cutscene shows a military rally on Muspell that features this trope and an early display of the BigBad.
* MookMaker: Factories and landing craft churn out a steady supply of reinforcements. Interestingly, your own RedshirtArmy has them in some missions.
* {{Mutants}}: There are Gillams, peaceful and even somewhat cowardly crustacean-like sea creatures, and then there's Gill-M, giant and highly agressive mutated specimen, capable of easily sinking supersubmarine in one hit of its giant claws and ravaging the whole Muspell-controlled island. It is resilient enough that all you can do to it is drive it back to the sea with your weaponry.
* {{Overheating}}: All of your energy weapons do this.
* SuperDrowningSkills: The Aquila is destroyed if it enters water. In a world where the vast majority of the world is covered in it.
* RedAndBlackAndEvilAllOver: Most Muspell units have this color scheme, setting themselves apart handily from the [[ColorCodedForYourConvenience Blue and White]] [[TheFederation Forseti.]]
* SuperPrototype: Several. Including the titular Battle Engine.
* SuperSoldier: Muspell elite troops. In articles about them, it is stated, that they undergo some sort of genetic therapies to achieve maximal combat effectiveness.
* SpiderTank: Several tanks and the Battle Engines (Prototype Aquila, Pulsar, Blazer, Lancer and Sniper)
* TransformingMecha: the Battle Engines can transform between walker and flight modes.
* TheWarSequence: Some of the battles are absolutely massive.
* {{Wingman}}: You get a choice of three of'em. One's good at taking out ground targets, one's good at taking out enemy fighters, and one's in between.
* WaveMotionGun: Several of bosses have some versions of this. The most notable one is Ion Beam Cannon, mounted on the "Fenrir", which creates powerful explosion at the point of impact.