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Video Game: Auto Assault

Auto Assault was a Vehicular Combat MMORPG developed by Net Devil and published by NC Soft for the PC in April of 2006.

In 2030, alien craft drop terraformation pods on Earth, unleashing horrific contamination that kills untold millions, but changes a rare few.

The Mutants are regarded as a plague and herded into internment camps. Scientists harness some of the technology behind the alien pods, creating Deflector Shields and other devices. In the face of expanding mutant populations and widespread breakdown in law and order, the world's governments combine in order to preserve their power and society, eventually becoming a massive corporate entity called Hestia Corp. They create biomechanical armies, immune to contamination, to combat the growing Mutant threat. The "Biomeks" are effective against the Mutants, now united under a single banner, in the short term, but Hestia ultimately deems them a failure and enacts a final solution. They put a select few scientists, military officials and other VI Ps in underground arks and seal themselves underground, while simultaneously unleashing every nuclear, biological and chemical weapon they have on the surface in the hopes of totally sterilizing it.

Of course, things didn't go as planned. 800 years later, humanity reemerges from underground exile expecting a parking lot and instead finds a nightmare. The Mutants have survived, as have the Biomeks, who were extremely resentful about being abandoned and nuked. Countless other rogue groups and independent individuals are out there too, as are scattered alien forces and nasty mutated wildlife. Open war breaks out between the three major factions but soon settles into unstable peace broken up by small-scale skirmishes involving super-tough Weaponized cars, trucks, motorcycles, and the occasional tank.

Player characters took the role of a freelance operative from one of these three factions, fighting against the other two and the various hostile elements inhabiting the "Central Wasteland", as it was called. As the player progressed through the game and moved closer towards Ground Zero, more of the Back Story was revealed, along with the truth behind the aliens and their arrival on earth.

Due to "insufficient numbers of subscribers" (Rumor had it that less then a hundred people were playing at the time), the game shut down in 2007. Attempts by various parties to pick up the slack were denied, as were NetDevil's attempts to buy the rights back from NCSoft. Efforts by some players to revive the game on a private basis continue.
Auto Assault provides examples of:

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