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Video Game: Atonement RPI
Atonement RPI is a roleplay intensive MUD that combined the genres of science fiction, survival horror, and a post-apocalyptic setting.


Alpha placed the players in the role of one of several crew members of a spaceship trying to return Home. Recently woken from cryogenic sleep, these survivors found themselves with no memory of their past lives, why they boarded the ship, where they are from, or even where they were going. Additionally, they soon learned that they were not alone, and the Ship is home to several ugly threats standing in the way of their survival.


In Beta, the theme has shifted to a post-apocalyptic setting, following the tale of a fallen Lunar Colony. The Outlanders of Grungetown must strive for survival against each other and the ever present "Evil Empire" New Phoenix; which has retrieved a fair amount of Utopian resources and instated themselves as lords of the moon. In addition to this, a new threat comes with the Genetic Terrors, the hive-minded zombie like creatures which crashed with the Survivors of the SBS Phoenix II. As New Phoenix and Grungetown war with each other and discover long-lost aspects of Utopia, the Terrors present their own threats...


The overwhelming power of the Terrors forces the remaining Lunar survivors to flee on the original colonization ship, the SBS Atlas, with the intent to go to Alpha Centauri, the only known successful human colony remaining...

This game provides examples of:

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     Gamma and Part Four  

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alternative title(s): Atonement RPI
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