[[caption-width-right:256:{{Big Damn Hero|es}}, UsefulNotes/{{Atari 2600}}-style.]]
This is the first ''Franchise/{{Superman}}'' video game, released by Creator/{{Atari}} in 1978/1979 for the [[UsefulNotes/{{Atari 2600}} 2600]].

You start out as Clark Kent, in a phone booth. Head east one screen, and ComicBook/LexLuthor and his five henchmen will [[BrokenBridge blow up a bridge]] and flee. Head back to the phone booth and change into Superman. You have two missions: [[GottaCatchEmAll Reassemble the bridge, and capture Lex and his men]]. Metropolis is represented as a 21-screen overworld, with a [[HubLevel subway]], a jail, the ''Daily Planet'', and the phone booth. You fly around looking for Lex, his men, and three pieces of the bridge. If you spot a villain, pick him up and carry him to jail. If you spot a bridge piece, pick it up and carry it back to the river. Once you have put all six villains in jail, and reassembled the bridge, change back into Clark Kent, and head to the ''Daily Planet'' to file your story.

There are "Kryptonite satellites" wandering around the city. If one touches you, you lose the ability to fly and carry villains and bridge pieces. Depending on the right difficulty switch, either ComicBook/LoisLane will appear to heal you, or you will have to walk around the city until you find her. Touch her to regain your powers. There is also a helicopter flying around, picking up Lois and bridge pieces and scattering them around.

There is no way to die. Your objective is to complete your missions in the least amount of time.
!!Atari 2600 ''Superman'' provides examples of:
* {{Backtracking}}: You'll do a lot of this as you wander around looking, and carrying stuff.
* BrokenBridge: Literally. But at least the FetchQuest is logical: the bridge pieces.
* DungeonBypass: Some (early) versions of the game had a bug allowing you to skip collecting bridge pieces. The game starts as soon as you touch the joystick. Use your X-ray vision (hold down the button), for a few seconds and you could fly off without becoming Clark Kent and watching the bridge blow. Since the only score was your time to complete, you could cut vital seconds off your time (just about a minute was possible).
* FlipScreenScrolling
* GottaCatchThemAll: Six villains and three bridge pieces.
* HubLevel: The subway.
* Instant180DegreeTurn
* IntimateHealing: A suggested explanation for how Lois Lane instantly restores Superman's powers after he loses them by touching a Kryptonite meteor.
* ItsUpToYou: It's understandable that you would be tasked with capturing Lex, as he's flying around. But his men are wandering the streets, machine guns in hand, and there are no police to stop them. There are also no city engineers on hand to carry the bridge pieces back, though (it's implied) they rebuild it once you've carried them all back.
* PaletteSwap: Lex's men.
* PlotCoupon:
** Lex and his men.
** The bridge. When it's rebuilt, you cross it to get to the ''Daily Planet''.
* SideView: With an odd twist. If you fly up, instead of going into the sky, you go to another part of the city. Likewise when you fly down.
* SpiritualSuccessor: ''Superman'' was programmed after but released before ''VideoGame/{{Adventure}}'', so you can interpret either one as the other's successor.
* TokenMinority: One of Lex's henchmen has a brown square for a head instead of pink. This nameless villain may be the first African-American video game character.
** OurZombiesAreDifferent: On the other hand, another of Luthor's henchmen has a green head...
* VideoGameGeography
* VideoGameSetpiece: Lex and his men blowing up the bridge.