Video Game: Ardy Lightfoot

Ardy Lightfoot is a Platform Game developed for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, published by ASCII in Japan in 1993 and in the Western world by Titus Software a year later.

Eponymous hero Ardy Lightfoot and Ridiculously Cute Critter Pec are on a quest to retrieve a set of Mineral MacGuffins because... uh... well, we're not sure; though the game has a plot and cutscenes, there's no written dialogue, meaning it's easy to miss out on the plot. If Wikipedia is to believed, said MacGuffins are the shattered pieces of the sacred rainbow, and whoever obtains them gets one wish. It doesn't really matter, because who pays attention to the plot, anyway?

It's fairly standard platformer fare, but it's solid, well-made (if infuriatingly hard) stuff— and the music is pretty cool, too.

This game provides examples of: