->''"The Time Bomb Is Set."''
-->-- '''Announcer'''


''Alien Syndrome'' is a 1987 arcade game released by {{Sega}}. One of the earliest examples of an overhead action shooter, the game revolves around two alien exterminators named Ricky and Mary (allowing for 2-player co-op play) as they're sent on a mission to rescue the inhabitants of a space colony infested by strange creatures. Their objective is to rescue the 16 hostages in each of the spaceships that form the colony before time runs out and then proceed to the exit in order to fight one of the alien bosses. There are a total of seven stages, with the final stage being a single boss battle against the alien mastermind.

''Alien Syndrome'' was ported to a variety of 8-bit platforms at the time, including Sega's very own MasterSystem and GameGear, as well as a Famicom/NES port released by Sunsoft in Japan and Tengen in the U.S. There were also two updated remakes as well: a 2004 version by [=3D Ages=] released for the [=PS2=] (as part of the ''Sega Classics Collection'' in the U.S.) and a 2007 version by Totally Games released for the Wii and PSP.

!!This game provides examples of:

* AliensAreBastards: Though of the generic ExcusePlot kind, mostly done for the sake of gameplay.
* BossInMooksClothing: The enemy spawners. The take quite a bit of damage, and will be a serious drag on your race against the timer, should you choose to kill them.
* EliteMooks: The arcade version had these, though most other versions did not.
* ExcusePlot: Save your comrades, defeat the aliens, and not much else.
* FrickinLaserBeams: One of the weapons available to the player.
* HitboxDissonance: Like all early games, it has some form of this. However is it particularly noticeable in the NES version, where even normal baddies sometimes have an InstantDeathRadius due to this. It's worth noting that this also makes them easier to kill.
* InstantDeathRadius: Due more to HitboxDissonance than deliberate design.
* MookMaker: The ones in this game overlap with BossInMooksClothing above.
* PowerUp: Sort of. Gun upgrades were not anymore powerful than your default one, but may have better range, rate of fire or speed.
* RespawningEnemies: Two types, both the types that spawn from a SpawnPoint, and the types who respawn from scrolling back and forth on their spot.
* ShoutOut: Many versions feature an enemy resembling [[Franchise/{{Alien}} Xenomorphs]].
* TimedMission: Obviously.