Verbal Tic: Web Animation

  • The Old Baton Man from Alejo y Valentina, an Argentinian web cartoon, ends all his lines with "viteh", which in heavily accented Buenos Aires Spanish translates to something like "see?".
    • All the characters, principal or not.
  • Luke in Professor Layton and the malignant growth
    • BASEBALL!!!
    • I'M 42!!!
  • Rumble Red, the old-timey Great Gazoo knockoff from Homestar Runner, frequently ending sentences with "...rumble?" Then there's Homsar's "AAaaAAaaAA..." and drawing out vowel sounds in words.
  • In TGQTSBFH, there's Crazy Yoshi's Dad, who has Pineapple Shouting Disorder.
  • In If the Emperor Had a Text-to-Speech Device, Glory Hound Cato Sicarious can't say "I" without putting "Cato Sicarious" right after it, even when stressed.