The area that was once full of pirates, slaves, busty women, busty women pirates and women slaves who may or may not have been busty.

In the present day, the Caribbean nations are mostly poor[[note]]Not ''that'' poor; the per capita income for each is actually quite high, but the size of the islands combined with the limited area for industrial expansion and reliance on imports doesn't permit more diversification, hence many earn their livings through subsistence jobs.[[/note]] but have a strong tourism industry due to their tropical climate and close proximity to the United States and Canada.

This is a list of the Caribbean countries that aren't part of UsefulNotes/LatinAmerica. Because of that, some countries that are geographically part of the Caribbean like UsefulNotes/{{Cuba}} or the UsefulNotes/DominicanRepublic are not here, while Bermuda in Northern America, Belize in Central America and Guyana and Suriname in South America are. What separates these countries from Latin America is the prominence of West African and Anglo-Indian[[note]]And we mean real Indians from the Indian subcontinent, not a misleading term for Native Americans. The British imported quite a lot of Indians as indentured laborers, FYI[[/note]] culture among the populace, whereas Latin/Romance culture dominates elsewhere. Just think of this list as a list of countries members of a "Caribbean Community" (a real organization, known as CARICOM, headquartered in Georgetown, Guyana).

!Sovereign countries
!!North America
!!!Central America
* UsefulNotes/{{Belize}}
->'''Capital''': Belmopan
->'''Largest City''': Belize City

!!!The Caribbean
* UsefulNotes/AntiguaAndBarbuda
->'''Capital & Largest City''': St. John's
* UsefulNotes/TheBahamas
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Nassau
* UsefulNotes/{{Barbados}}
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Bridgetown
* UsefulNotes/{{Dominica}}
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Roseau
* UsefulNotes/{{Grenada}}
->'''Capital & Largest City''': St. George's
* UsefulNotes/{{Jamaica}}
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Kingston
* [[UsefulNotes/SaintKittsAndNevis Saint Kitts and Nevis]]
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Basseterre
* UsefulNotes/SaintLucia
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Castries
* UsefulNotes/SaintVincentAndTheGrenadines
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Kingstown
* UsefulNotes/TrinidadAndTobago
->'''Capital''': Port of Spain
->'''Largest City''': Chaguanas

!!South America
!!!The Guianas
* UsefulNotes/{{Guyana}}
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Georgetown
* UsefulNotes/{{Suriname}}
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Paramaribo

!Dependencies and Territories
!!Northern America
* UsefulNotes/{{Bermuda}} (administered by the United Kingdom)
->'''Capital''': Hamilton
->'''Largest City''': St. George's

!!The Caribbean
* UsefulNotes/{{Anguilla}} (administered by the United Kingdom)
->'''Capital & Largest City''': The Valley
* UsefulNotes/{{Aruba}} (administered by the Netherlands)
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Oranjestad
* UsefulNotes/BritishVirginIslands (administered by the United Kingdom)
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Road Town
* UsefulNotes/{{Bonaire}} (administered by the Netherlands)
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Kralendijk
* UsefulNotes/CaymanIslands (administered by the United Kingdom)
->'''Capital & Largest City''': George Town
* [[UsefulNotes/{{Curacao}} Curaçao]] (administered by the Netherlands)
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Willemstad
* UsefulNotes/{{Montserrat}} (administered by the United Kingdom)
->'''Capital''': Plymouth (''de jure''), Brades (''de facto''), Little Bay (''under construction'')
->'''Largest City''': Brades
* UsefulNotes/{{Saba}} (administered by the Netherlands)
->'''Capital & Largest City''': The Bottom
* UsefulNotes/SintEustatius (administered by the Netherlands)
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Oranjestad
* UsefulNotes/SintMaarten (administered by the Netherlands)
->'''Capital''': Philipsburg
->'''Largest City''': Lower Prince's Quarter
* [[UsefulNotes/TurksAndCaicosIslands Turks and Caicos Islands]] (administered by the United Kingdom)
->'''Capital''': Cockburn Town
->'''Largest City''': Providenciales
* UsefulNotes/UnitedStatesVirginIslands (administered by the United States)
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Charlotte Amalie

'''Popular music genres:'''
* {{Reggae}}
* ChutneyMusic
* {{Soca}}
* {{Calypso}}
* {{Steelband}}
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