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The fictional, the portable, the unclear or any combination of the previous.

  • The Vindicator from Fail-Safe- seems to have a combination of the B-52's defences and range with the B-58's speed and exterior.
  • The Alaska class guided missile battlecruiser- created for Harpoon II for the designers test weapons and sensors, then shipped with the game. Nuclear-powered as well. Even has a picture!

Daedalus-class battlecruiser (aka the "304" or the Deep Space Carrier)

Second-generation Earth starships from the Stargate-verse, six so far named in the series, one of which was given to Russia and another to China. Carry F-302 fighters, rail guns, missiles and tactical nukes.

Metal Gear

Entirely fictional nuclear-armed Humongous Mecha from the Metal Gear universe. American Metal Gears were actually re-engineered from captured Russian designs, and included:
  • The Army's Metal Gear REX, a standard Humongous Mecha that used a railgun as a launching mechanism, enabling it to launch a virtually undetectable nuclear warheadnote , from any kind of ground on earth, to any kind of ground on earth. Metal Gear Solid features its prototype; by the time of Metal Gear Solid 2, the plans have been sold on the black market and almost everyone has one. REX's railgun and the insane firepower it carried later become a plot point in Metal Gear Solid 4.
  • The Marines' Metal Gear RAY, an amphibious Humongous Mecha not armed with nuclear weapons, and was actually designed to help combat the proliferation of REXes. (According to a character in a later game, RAY's lack of nuclear armament takes it out of the "Metal Gear" category.) RAY was put into full production, unlike all the other examples here. Earlier models (possibly the prototype) have a cockpit for a single pilot, whilst later ones are remotely controlled by an AI. RAY is equipped with machine guns, missile tubes and a "hydro cutter," a high-pressure water beam able to cut through steel.
  • The Navy's Arsenal Gear, an insanely huge submarine. Only the prototype was ever completed (2 if you include Outer Haven). It contains not only a nuclear arsenal but significant Electronic Warfare and data command equipment, and is manned by an advanced AI. However, it's the size of Manhattan, and needs a platoon of 25 RAY units to guard it.
  • While not actually a Metal Gear, the "captured Russian design" should be acknowledged here: the Shagohod, whose sole prototype was created in 1964. It lacks the bipedal nature of the Metal Gears, but does include the stealthy nuke: it is equipped with not only a single IRBM but two rocket boosters which accelerate the Shagohod itself to 300 MPH, allowing it to act as the first stage of a multi-stage missile. Of course, it needs about three miles of flat terrain to do this from, but there are a fair number of places in the world with three miles of flat terrain.

"Fat Man" Nuclear Rocket Launcher Essentially a man-portable pneumatic catapult, first appearing in Fallout 3. Capable of firing tactical nuclear warheads of extremely low yield but high destructive power. An experimental MIRV-capable version was underway when World War III began, and is able to fire eight mini-nukes at once. Much like the Davy Crocket, the Fat Man is hard to use without injuring yourself. It was apparently designed to use by soldier in suit of power armor. It may explain why those power armor have such an high resistance to radiations.
  • Likely based on the rumored-but-never-declassified Minuteman system, which consisted of a shooter, a spotter, a shovel, a lead sheet, and a nuclear bazooka.

Liberty Prime A fully autonomous giant robot from Fallout 3, designed by the United States military to spearhead the liberation of Anchorage, Alaska. Armed with laser cannons and two tactical nuclear missile launchers. Invulnerable to man-carried weapons, though it has never been tested against the power of a Fat Man. Destroyed near the beginning of Broken Steel through use of a Kill Sat firing conventional space-to-surface missiles.
  • By the time of Fallout 4, set 10 years after Fallout 3, the Brotherhood has managed to rebuild him, for the purposes of storming the Institute.

From the TV programme of the same name, this supersonic Black Helicopter with stealth capabilities was designed by Dr. Charles Henry Moffett. During testing in January 1984, he stole the aircraft and took it to Libya, clearly intending to deliver it to the Soviet Union, sinking a US ship and shooting down French fighters over Chad by way of demonstration. The F.I.R.M. sent two agents to retrieve it. They did so, but then decided not to return it until the pilot, Stringfellow Hawke, found out where his missing brother was. During the course of their operations, they destroyed a considerable number of Warsaw Pact and other hostile aircraft.

Capable of carrying nuclear-capable Shrike anti-radar missiles and probably other stuff too.

The Gatling Gun

A Real Life example. Dr. Richard Gatling wanted to create a new weapon that was so fearsome it would show the world how futile war was.