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The fictional, the vague, the portable or a combination of the three.

  • Suitcase nukes- these are particular popular versions of Russian nukes, slightly helped by the fact they are real.
    • They are the threat in season six of 24 and one goes off.
    • The villains in Big Trouble get hold of one without realizing what it is, not even after they activate the countdown timer. Fortunately, it falls into the Atlantic Ocean before it blows up.
    • In real life, "suitcase nukes" are the size of duffle bags, at least though they're still capable of being carried in by a single person. Their main purpose is to serve as strategic demolition devices, smuggled by an agent to some sensitive installation and then detonated.
    • Contrary to the popular opinion, modern nukes can be amazingly small. Most common strategic warheads in use, in the 150 kiloton yield class, are just about the size of a small microwave, though much, much heavier, about 100 kg/220 lb. If one agrees to limit the yield to the 20 kiloton (just about the Fat Man device) it could be further shrunk to maybe 30 kilos and the size of a vacuum flask. In fact, the smallest tactical warheads are those used in the artillery shells, both by the US and Soviet Union/Russia, and they have to fit into the modern 152/155-mm cannons.
  • MiG-31 "Firefox": If the eponymous plane really existed and had reached operational service, it would almost certainly be used for small nukes.
    • The real MiG-31, NATO reporting name "Foxhound", was actually an interceptor developed as a replacement for the MiG-25 "Foxbat". The MiG-31's armament consists of four R-33/AA-9 "Amos" air-to-air missiles, six other missiles and a 23mm cannon, no nukes.
  • GoldenEye: Not clear whether this is the actual name, a Code Name or a translation from Russian (the back translation- Zolotoy Glaz is the movie's Russian title). Two Kill Sat nukes designed to cause mass EMP damage. One takes out its own control centre (and a couple of Russian fighters) as part of the theft of it by Xenia Onatopp. The second is de-orbited in the climax before it can be used on London. This device would be illegal under the Outer Space Treaty.
  • The Soviets stick one of their nukes on a space launcher to destroy the Cyber Fleet in the Doctor Who story "The Invasion".
  • "Oceanic research vessel Maxim Gorky" (Yeah, right!): The Airwolf episode "Condemned" features a Soviet submarine turning up off the coast of one of the Aleutian Islands where a nasty (Soviet-made and released without authorisation in Afghanistan) virus has broken loose. Has the distinctive hull of the "Alfa", "Victor" and "Akula" class, but doesn't make any of them exactly due to a bulge at the front. It seems to be a modified "Victor III". During the process of an Enemy Mine scenario, the Commander goes crazy (the antidote makes people super-paranoid for a while) and orders "Strike Plan Beta", resulting in the launch of...
  • "Seasnake" (Reporting Name only given): subsonic, nuclear equipped cruise missiles, launched with the intention of destroying most of the island. Stringfellow and Caitlin are successfully able to shoot all three down before they reach their targets.
    • Notably, there does exist a subsonic, submarine-launched, nuclear tipped Russian cruise missile: 3K10/S-10 "Granat", AKA SS-N-21 "Sampson", a "Tomahawk"-analogue, which were usually used exactly on "Victor III" subs. Their improved successors, the (mostly) conventional 3K54 "Kalibr" missiles,note  now make the main strike armament of the Russian Navy.
  • Korolev -Daedalus-class battlecruiser from the Stargate-verse, given to the Russians in return for continued use of the Russian Stargate at the SGC. Destroyed in the battle with the Ori at the end of season 8- only six crew members, Daniel Jackson and Cameron Mitchell escape.

Riga aircraft

From the Charles L. Taylor novel Show of Force, these are Soviet naval VTOL fighters, a development of the "Forger" with improved capabilities and probably a supersonic top speed. They feature extensively in the novel, based from Admiral Kupinsky's "Kiev" class flagship Lenin and his other aviation cruiser Minsk They must be considered nuclear-capable, possibly with guided missiles.

The Harpoon recreation uses Yak-141 "Freestyles" to play the aircraft.


Fictional sub, possibly a "Yankee", that is mentioned in the NCIS episode "Chimera" with a nuke from the sub being retrieved by USNS Chimera.