Useful Notes / Lemonade Stands

As far as summer traditions go in America, lemonade stands is right up there with surfing and beach-going. Operated by children to sell lemonade, the selling of lemonade can be traced back to when a youngster sold it to thirsty street car riders over 130 years ago in the streets of New York. Since then, lemonade stands have popped up as an American phenomenon, especially in the suburbs where the lawns provide spaces for children and parents to set up shop. In recent years, you'll occasionally see a news story about an overzealous health inspector fining the kids running said stand (or their parents) for operating without a business license or serving food without a food service permit.

Lemonade stands, in media, are oft portrayed as run by an aspiring entrepreneur treating the stand as Serious Business. The results may span anywhere from an Epic Fail to outright shenanigans. Parodies are also popular, with Lucy Van Pelt's 'Psychiatric Advice' stand being a well known one.