[[caption-width-right:300:Been Senator since [[UsefulNotes/BarackObama the President]] was in High School.]]

->''"This is a big [[PrecisionFStrike fucking]] deal!"''\\
--'''Vice President Biden''', [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHKq9tt50O8 on the passage of the healthcare bill]]

->''"[[WithDueRespect With all due respect]], that's a [[CatchPhrase bunch of]] [[CurseOfTheAncients malarkey]]."''\\
--'''Vice President Biden''', [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JfcQWrfkmRI to Paul Ryan's claims at the 2012 VP debate]]

'''Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.''' (November 20, 1942-), or just Joe. He is the current Vice President of the United States. [[LongRunners He is also a former US Senator (Democrat from Delaware) from 1973-2009 (36 years)]]; at the time of his election, he was just barely the minimum age to serve (he turned 30 between the election and his inauguration in January). Served 6 complete 6 year terms, and ran for a seventh while running for VP. [[CaptainObvious He won both]]. He resigned his Senate seat before he and UsefulNotes/BarackObama were sworn in. Also [[{{Mondegreen}} T.I. wants him]].

He's noted for having a rather bad case of [[OpenMouthInsertFoot foot-in mouth]] [[DidIJustSayThatOutLoud syndrome]], which naturally makes him a veritable FountainOfMemes in American politics.

For [[MistakenForRacist obvious]] reasons, satirists let out a collective sigh of relief when Obama announced his pick of Biden as running-mate. He is, however, the first Catholic Vice-President.

!!Tropes pertaining to Mr. Biden:

* AerithAndBob: Compare Barack Hussein Obama to Joseph Robinette Biden.
* AsHimself: On the Season 5 ''Series/ParksAndRecreation'' "Leslie vs. April." (Leslie Knope's [[CelebCrush crush]] on Biden was a long-standing RunningGag on the show, and the cameo was explained as her fiancé Ben calling in favors to give her an engagement present.)
** Once made a cameo on ''Series/WhereInTheWorldIsCarmenSandiego''.
* BodyLanguage: He expressively uses body gestures A LOT when he talks. He especially likes to use his hands.
* TheBusCameBack: After his disastrous 1988 campaign, he dipped his hand into the 2008 primary, and was ultimately chosen as VP.
* ButtMonkey: ''TheOnion'' sees him as this. For a list of their articles on him, see [[http://www.theonion.com/topics/joe-biden/ here]].
* CatchPhrase: His most common defense against criticism is to HandWave it as "a bunch of malarkey". There were bets on how soon he would use the phrase against Paul Ryan in the VP debate. It was used in one of his first responses of the night.
* CheshireCatGrin: The 2012 VP debate has been described as being between Paul Ryan and Biden's teeth.
* CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass: He did markedly better than many expected in the VP debate before the 2012 election, despite his reputation for OpenMouthInsertFoot.
** It was Biden's strong performance in the 2012 VP debate that saved Obama's reelection campaign. In the preceding first presidential debate, Obama gave a wooden, lackluster performance and was quickly buried by Mitt Romney. With the Romney campaign closing in on Obama's lead, Given Biden's bumbling reputation combined with Paul Ryan's reputation as a calm, eloquent debater, the Romney campaign was widely expected to steamroll to another victory and draw even with Obama. However, when the opposite occurred, it halted Romney's momentum and largely vindicated Biden, who before then was generally seen as TheLoad to Obama's campaign. Obama then delivered a much stronger performance in the second presidential debate, which carried him to an election day victory.
* CurseOfTheAncients: Why some people thought "bunch of malarkey" was so funny: you don't hear it that much today, but it fits everyone's image of him as your {{Cloudcuckoolander}} great-uncle.
* DarkHorseVictory: His first Senate election in 1972: The incumbent Senator [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J._Caleb_Boggs J. Caleb Boggs]] was considering retiring, and the only two Republicans running were tearing each other apart in the primary. RichardNixon stepped in and convinced Boggs to run again, and no one other than Biden tried running against him. His zero dollar campaign was run primarily by his sister Valerie. He trailed Boggs as far as 30%, but come election day he won by 50.5% to Boggs 49.1%, by only 3162 votes.
* DoggedNiceGuy: Asked his wife Jill to marry him ''five times'' before Jill finally said yes. They've been HappilyMarried for over thirty years.
** {{Determinator}}: How many men would try so hard?
* EmbarrassingMiddleName: Robinette is certainly no Hussein, but nonetheless not a middle name most guys would be proud of.
* FanNickname: Joey B.
* HappilyMarried: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PEG-t9Sd2Ac&feature=player_embedded Oh boy is he ever.]]
* HonorBeforeReason: How he lost his 1988 Presidential candidacy. At the same time he was running for the Democratic nomination for President in the primaries, he was also the head of the Senate confirmation hearing for the appointment of the highly controversial judge Robert Bork to the Supreme Court, an appointment Biden found himself increasingly opposed to. As the primary campaign was heating up, Biden was publicly accused of plagiarism. Biden's advisers warned him that he could save his candidacy by taking the time to effectively refute the false plagiarism charge, or he could take the time and effort needed to keep Bork out of the Supreme Court, but he couldn't do both. Biden chose to withdraw from the Presidential race. He did successfully keep Bork out of the Supreme Court.
* IWasQuiteALooker: Dude was ''handsome'' in his [[http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-7vu-YqcZpY8/UHx1VyaTuAI/AAAAAAAABTU/aSKYeuif_BY/s1600/Young+Biden.jpg younger days]].
* LaughingMad: How many on the right saw his performance, which had him frequently laughing at Paul Ryan, in the 2012 Vice-Presidential debate.
* TheLoad: Was largely viewed as this to Obama's reelection campaign before he soundly beat Paul Ryan (who was widely considered to be a superior campaigner) in the 2012 VP debate.
* LongRunners: He technically has more seniority than current President Pro Tempore Patrick Leahy, and thus if he weren't already VP after UsefulNotes/DanielInouye died, ''he'' would be the President Pro Tem.
* LoopholeAbuse: One of the qualifications for Senator is that you must be 30 years old, Biden wasn't 30 when he was elected, but he was when he was sworn in. To be fair, he isn't [[UsefulNotes/HenryClay the first]].
* TheLostLenore: His first wife Nielle, who was killed in an auto accident along with their daughter Naomi in 1972. Joe always takes the day off on the anniversary of the accident.
* MagnumOpus: InvokedTrope. The [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Violence_Against_Women_Act Violence Against Women Act of 1994]] was in his words "...the single most significant legislation that I’ve crafted during my 35-year tenure in the Senate."
* OlderSidekick: 70 years old and started his political career 40 years ago.
* OpenMouthInsertFoot: When you ask a wheelchair-bound veteran to "Stand up and take a bow", you deserve the reputation for this.
* RailEnthusiast: A vocal supporter of Amtrak, he regularly commuted by train from his home in Delaware to Washington during his time in the Senate. Amtrak responded by naming the Wilmington train station after him.
* RedOniBlueOni: The Red to Obama's Blue. In the 2008 VP debate, the Blue to SarahPalin's Red; and in the 2012 debate, the Red to Paul Ryan's Blue.
* SayingTooMuch: He's got a big reputation for this. Almost every spoof of him uses this as the primary joke.
* SecondLove: Just weeks after his initial election to the Senate, he lost his wife Neilia and one-year-old daughter in a car accident, which sent him into a depression spiral that lasted for several years. He credits meeting second wife Jill three years later with giving him an interest in life again.
* SesameStreetCred: Once [[http://politicalsmokeout.tumblr.com/post/35579341040/a-biden-y-blast-from-the-past he appeared in a 1993 episode of]] of ''Series/WhereInTheWorldIsCarmenSandiego''.
* SilverFox: Dude was handsome, dude is ''still' handsome!
* StrongFamilyResemblance: [[http://essentialestrogen.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/hunter_beau_450.jpg His sons Hunter (left) and Beau (right)]] are dead-ringers for him.
* SuspiciouslySimilarSubstitute: Was regularly equated to UsefulNotes/GeorgeHWBush's RecklessSidekick Vice President DanQuayle before his strong performance in the 2012 VP debate.
* TheTeetotaler: His family had a long history of drinking problems, so he swore off alcohol altogether.