Denver is the largest city in Colorado, as well as the state capital. It is nicknamed the "Mile High City", due to its elevation of 5,280 feet ([[CaptainObvious 1 mile]]). It has sports teams in all four American major leagues, (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL) as well as having teams in other sports (Soccer, Lacrosse, Arena Football, Rugby, a few minor league teams, and even serves as the home base of Furniture Row Racing, one of the few {{NASCAR}} teams based outside Charlotte, North Carolina; let's just say it's a sports obsessed town) the one with the most following being the Denver Broncos of the NFL.

It is home to several universities, among them Metro State College of Denver, University of Colorado Denver, University of Denver, and Regis University. The Molly Brown House, residence of one of the most famous Titanic survivors, is there.

Despite having a high level of local government corruption (police corruption was once ranked as highest in the US) and ranking second in the US for pollution, Denver is generally portrayed as clean, friendly, and decidedly Midwestern. It is also often depicted as being next to the RockyMountains and being very cold and snowy, even though Denver is actually on the flat plains (though the mountains are still visible in the background[[note]]In pictures facing west, Denver has mountains; in pictures facing east, it might as well be in Kansas[[/note]]) and late spring through mid fall can be notoriously hot with arid and dry (albeit cold) winters being the norm.
!!Denver in fiction:
* ''Series/{{Dynasty}}''.
* ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'' ventures there on occasion, and South Park itself is "[[HollywoodAtlas close enough]]" to Denver anyway.
** The real South Park is a large empty basin in the Colorado mountains, and another real-life South Park is right next door to Denver: a street in Littleton, Colorado.
** Although judging by the town's location, size, and other characteristics, it is more likely to be based on co-creator Trey Parker's hometown of Conifer, Colorado, which ''is'' a small exurb located just west of Denver.
* The Creator/EddieMurphy film ''Imagine That'' was set here.
* ''ThingsToDoInDenverWhenYoureDead'': [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Yeah....]]
* In some episodes of ''Series/MorkAndMindy'' (set in nearby Boulder), the gang would come to Denver.
* It gets blown up in the novel ''TheSumOfAllFears''. [[spoiler: Changed to UsefulNotes/{{Baltimore}} in the FilmOfTheBook]].
** As well as in ''Series/{{Jericho}}''.
* ''Film/AboutSchmidt''
* ''GoodLuckCharlie''
* ''{{Series/Community}}''
* ''Series/LastManStanding''
* ''{{Warehouse 13}}'' sets several episodes here, as Mycah is a native of nearby Colorado Springs, and her MyGreatestFailure moment occurred in Denver.
* Denver is visited by Raiden in ''VideoGame/MetalGearRisingRevengeance''. The town has a privatized police force made up of cyborg [=PMCs=] due to being the headquarters of World Marshal Inc., of which Colorado Senator Steven Armstrong is a backer.
* At the start of ''TheWarAgainstTheChtorr'' series, Denver is the capital of the United States, though it's eventually evacuated as it's impossible to keep secure.
** Denver also becomes the US capital in Creator/MarvelComics' [[ComicBook/TheNewUniverse New Universe]] when UsefulNotes/WashingtonDC is devastated by a fight between two paranormals.
* The ''Franchise/PerryMason'' TV movies of the 1980s and 1990s were set in Denver.
* It's implied that The Capitol of Panem, from Main/TheHungerGames, is located in what was once Denver.
* Depending on whether they count as works of fiction, Denver infamously became a darling of UsefulNotes/ConspiracyTheories, after somebody came up with the idea that Denver's airport, on aerial photos, looks a bit like a swastika if you squint and believe in it really hard, as well as is decorated with UncannyValley-style murals, so it must obviously be an obvious secret NWO headquarters.
* In what is almost certainly a nod to the above theory, the final mission of ''VideoGame/SplinterCell: Blacklist'' takes place in an ElaborateUndergroundBase beneath Denver International Airport called "Site F."
'''Shows based in Denver:'''
* The Creator/AnimalPlanet series ''Emergency Vets'' and its spinoff ''E-Vets Interns'' were shot at the city's Alameda East Veterinary Hospital.