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Useful Notes: DIVX
aka: Div X

DIVX, not to be confused with the video codec called DivX (originally DivX ;-) - named after DIVX as a joke), is an obsolete video format that existed briefly when DVDs were just being introduced.

This format was similar to DVD, but required a special "DIVX-enhanced" DVD player. It incorporated a form of DRM which limited playing of a disk to 48 hours unless a special fee was paid to "convert" the disk into an unlimited play disk. The Internet wasn't quite as big back then, so players had to connect to the company's servers over a phone line. The format was developed and heavily promoted by the now defunct Circuit City store chain, whose bankruptcy was significantly tied to the format's failure.

The format was introduced in 1998, officially discontinued on June 16, 1999, and the DRM servers were permanently shut down on July 7, 2001.

A talking DIVX machine is a character in Penny Arcade; Gabe used to work at a Circuit City.
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