Useful Notes: Color TV Game

A group of five Older Than the NES home consoles released by Nintendo from 1977-80...but only in Japan.


  • Color TV Game 6 (1977): A simple console with six variations of Pong. It and one of the games, Light Tennis, were revisited as a microgame in WarioWare: Smooth Moves.
  • Color TV Game 15 (1978): Same idea, now with fifteen variations of Pong and detachable controllers.
  • Color TV Racing 115 (1978): A simplistic bird's-eye racing game with a steering-wheel controller and gearshift. Revisited as a microgame in the first Wario Ware title.
  • Color TV Game Block Kuzushi/Breaker (1979): A port of Nintendo's arcade Block Breaker, which was itself a Breakout clone. The console was one of Shigeru Miyamoto's first projects after joining Nintendo.
  • Computer TV Game (1980): Played many simple games, including a port of Nintendo's arcade Othello.

Other than the Wario Ware appearances, Block Breaker got remade in 1989 for the Game Boy as Alleyway (starring Mario). Racing 112's idea of a steering-wheel controller was utilized much later in Mario Kart Wii. And finally, Color TV Game 15 became an assist trophy in fourth Super Smash Bros. iteration.