Useful Notes / Chinese Civil War

The Chinese Civil War was between the Gong Chan Dang (Communist Party of China, CPC) and the Guo Ming Dang (Kuomintang, KMT, or the Chinese Nationalists), was a massive war that alternated between revolutionary protest, total war, tentative alliance, and guerrilla war.

The war was at first an on-again, off-again affair. A lot of it was simply undermining the Kuomintang as much as possible.

Then the Japanese invaded.

United by the horrors the Japanese committed, the two rivals formed an alliance to combat the Japanese. After the Japanese got kicked back to their island, the war started for real. The war ranged from the Far North of China to the mountains of Szechuan Province (which, incidentally, are horrifically difficult to fight in). The Communists won, but it was far from easy. In the end, what brought down the nationalists was internal fighting for power, as well as intense amounts of corruption.

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