Useful Notes / Baka

Japanese word for "idiot", "imbecile", "fool", "dummy" or any other similar term; also frequently translated as "jerk." This is an all-purpose insult applied to persons who have done anything stupid, insensitive or thoughtless. Usually seen in the idiomatic phrase "no baka!", which is a favorite of Tsunderes across Japan.

Occasionally used as an insulting honorific: Kono-baka. Translation 

Also employed as an endearment between couples, but the delivery differs — when used affectionately, the word is drawn out instead of spat sharply. Being called "baka" by a new boyfriend/girlfriend while receiving a playful smack on the top of the head is considered a comforting sign of how well things are going.

Not to be confused with Dakka. See also Idiot Crows. Pretty much a given when the series involves an Idiot Hero or two.

Written with kanji characters meaning "horse-deer", which puzzles everybody, Japanese or not. (Folk etymologies trace this to someone who can't tell the two apart, or possibly to a test to find yes-men.) The Chinese have the legend of an Emperor's advisor testing his power by 'showing a horse and calling it a deer'. Though it's not a loanword, you'll often see it written in katakana for emphasis.

"Baka" is a staple of Fangirl Japanese. More and more, along with various honorifics, it appears untranslated in English language manga.

This word can sometimes take various forms:
  • baka "Baka"
  • baka yarou "Stupid Asshole"
  • oo-baka "Great Baka"
  • origami-tsuki no baka "Acknowledged (ie Got A Degree In) Baka"
  • shoushin shoumei no baka "Down-right baka"
  • sokonuke no baka "Bottomless (ie Down And Out) Baka"
  • akireta baka "Hopeless Baka"
  • kamaboko-baka "Fish Cake Baka"
  • tanjun-baka "Simple Baka"
  • usura-baka "Dumb Baka"

Ocassionally the word Aho ("Foolish") is used instead.

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