Useful Notes / Awesome Zombie 22

This is where I'll put all the random facts about me, that you may or may not already know.

     Personal Information / Quirks 

  • I'm part-German from my dad's side.
  • I tend to stay up until I fall asleep, which is usually 6:00 AM.
  • I tend to use "so hard" instead of "so much", i.e. "I hate you so hard".
  • I'm not a zombie.
  • I'm not Zombie.
  • I have an older sister named Autumn.
  • My middle name is Rose.
  • I have a pet turtle.
  • I have a fascination with topics that aren't exactly social norms.

     Personal Accomplishments 

  • I wrote singable English lyrics to "Tower","ICE!", and "Hello/How Are You". Haven't recorded them yet...
  • I can play the recorder, and want to learn how to play either the flute or the oboe... insert your own fellatio joke here. Anyway, the songs I can play on it are:
    • Epona's Song
    • Song of Healing
    • Saria's Song
    • Zelda's Lullaby
    • Song of Time
  • I drew a picture of the BLU Spy if he were in Matryoshka. A/N 

Oh, Hollywood...
  • Morality Kitchen Sink
  • Anything can be used for evil or good. It just depends on who's using it.
  • Don't call someone weird unless they want to be called that, for example, you can call me weird because I want to be called weird.

     Dark Age (WARNING: Self-Rage) 

  • Now, everyone has that stage in their life before they've completely forged an identity for themselves yet, and so they preform a ton of experimentation or they try to emulate someone else in order to find out who that person is. I had that stage, too, but mine was a hell of a lot more annoying, pretentious, whiney, angsty, pessimistic, and overall brain dead than anyone else's.
  • Everything I've said in the hazy area before IJBM shut down was me being an accidental Troll, and I regret everything I've ever done ever back then. If I could go back in time, I would make myself be born a man just for me to stab my groin with a rusty butterknife so that I could slowly feel the pain as my balls fall apart for my idiotic acting, (spoilered for the guys reading this page) and it wouldn't be Disproportionate Retribution in the slightest in my eyes.
  • In my Dark Ages, I thought that God was conspiring against me, trying to make my life miserable because the universe hated me. I thought that I was the genius that had to be forced to live amongst idiots so that I would eventually devolve into one. I thought that the world was crap and I was the only thing right in it, the only rebel, and that's why my mom and my music teacher hated me. I am not making this up. I thought that I was important enough for the goddamned universe to conspire against me. Do you see why I hate how I acted back then now to the point of self-loathing?