Useful Notes: Anime Fan Speak

Terms used by anime fandom (not all of which are real Japanese words). The links on the left lead to definitions of the term. The links to the right go to the more general term, which is where the examples go.

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Fandom Terms
  • Baka: Just the Japanese word for "dummy."
  • Boys Love Notes: Contains a list of fanspeak terms commonly used in Yaoi.
  • Cosplay Otaku Girl - A girl who really likes to play dress-up.
  • Densha Otaku - A major fan of trains.
  • Doujinshi -> Fan comics and fanzines; Fan Fic elevated to its own cottage industry in Japan.
    • Doujin Soft -> A sub-genre of doujinshi with self-published video games made by indie Japanese game developers; Often considered as fan games as some doujin circles creates games based around popular franchises, although there are some original works as well.
  • Fujoshi -> The stereotypical female yaoi fan. Literally means 'rotten girl'. See also Yuri Fan.
  • Kawaisa -> Japanese cuteness
  • Lolicon -> A person romantically or sexually attracted to young or young-looking girls (most commonly fictional, even In-Universe). Sometimes used more in a big-brother or big-sister kind of way. Loli usually refers to a young-ish girl instead. Also refers to the genre of media aimed at such people.
  • Nakama: A group of mostly unrelated people that have bonded into something like a family. Not used that way in Japan.
  • Occidental Otaku - Affectionate Parody of non-Japanese fans of Japanese stuff.
  • Otaku -> Hardcore nerd. English anime fans adopted the term to refer to themselves, but it is not a compliment in Japan.
  • Otaku O'Clock -> the Watershed
  • Pettanko - Flat-chested character, normally always that of a girl's chest. Is also known as DFC (Delicious Flat Chest) on Image boards.
  • Takahashi Couple -> Belligerent Sexual Tension
  • Zettai Ryouiki -> thigh-high socks fetish

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