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Unusual Euphemism: Web Animation
  • Homestar Runner characters are notorious for made-up swears:
    • In the Show Within a Show Teen Girl Squad, Tompkins often uses the expression "Aw peas!".
    • Strong Bad has used "bulltonk" and "bullhonkey", the latter later being turned into the name of an energy drink (a parody of Red Bull).
    • "What the pfargtl?!" is used once and referenced within the same episode as the acronym "WTPF."
    • Homestar Runner himself refers to his butt as his "tweese", even though he's actually said "butt" before (apparently it's a shortened form of "buttweesimo"). He has also said, "Sweet genius, that hurt!"
    • Marzipan then later calls Strong Bad a horse's tweese.
    • Strong Sad has peculiar elephant feet. He calls them "soolnds".
    • In the DVD commentary for the sbemail "technology", Matt says "parg" when Mike tells him to swear.
    • In one halloween special, after Bubs and Coach Z come to the door, their response to the candy they get:
      Bubs: Aww, zagnut!
  • Pimp Lando has its title character's catchphrase, "What the foo?!?"
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