Units / Machines Wired For War

The machines of the game machines: Wired for war

The Military

Grunts The most basic fighting units, useful for scouting and in large numbers later on.

Sub types include
  • Scout with bolter
  • Scout with disrupter
  • Grunt with bolter
  • Grunt with disrupter
  • Disrupter with flame-thrower
  • Warrior with Heavy bolter


Sub types include
  • Reaper with auto cannon
  • Reaper with plasma rifle
  • Wraith Reaper with auto cannons
  • Wraith Reaper with plasma rifles


Sub types include
  • Enforcer with bolter cannons
  • Enforcer with plasma cannons
  • Knight with missile launchers
  • Knight with plasma cannons
  • Knight Templar with long range missile launchers
  • Knight Templar with Heavy plasma cannons

Heavy assault units

These are
  • Crusader - mobile heavy missile platform
  • Eradicator - gravity collapse weaponry weapon platform
  • Goliath - heavy missile firing tank
  • Gorilla - bipedal war machine with terrain tearing fists and missile launchers

  • Awesome, but Impractical: All of these units can cause major damage but are often slow (all), fragile (Crusader, Eradicator) or stupid (Gorilla). They can also wipe out your own units by accident.

Flying units

  • Wasp with plasma sting
  • Wasp with missile sting
  • Bee Bomber


The leader units can be added to squads to make them more efficient (allegedly). The only units capable of healing other units.
  • Commander
  • Medic Commander
  • Commandant
  • Medic Commandant
  • Warlord
  • Surgeon Warlord
  • Judas Warlord
  • Assassin Warlord
  • Assassin Surgeon Warlord

The Civilian (non combat) units


The creators of buildings their varieties are Dozer, Builder, Behemoth Mek and Titan Mek.
  • Awesome, but Impractical: The Titan and Behemoth Mek's are needed to make the highest technology buildings but are huge and slow, making manoeuvring them very difficult, they cannot be airlifted into position either.


Armoured personnel carries, wedge shaped troop moving vehicles
  • Bag of Holding: The APC's can carry far more than their exterior would suggest.


Resource locating units


Allowing you to lay mines and steal technology secrets from your enemies these come in two varieties, standard and advanced.


Helping you advance you technology and keep up with the blues these are technician, engineering technician and brain box technician.


Hauling Building material units to the smelters, these come in Ox, bull and scavenger varieties
  • Dumb Muscle - what they lack in brains they make up for in speed or carrying capacity (but not both)