Unfortunate Names / Western Animation

  • Danny Phantom features the name that makes almost everyone cringe, Nasty Burger, a name of a diner (After some vandals changed the T to a N, so the name used to be Tasty Burger). No one knows why the sign was never fixed. The burgers however have a sordid history of exploding in very hot climates.
    • His ghost half was also burdened with the moniker Inviso-Bill for a while.
  • In The Simpsons episode Flaming Moes, when Moe's bar is actually popular. Bart makes a prank phone call for a "Hugh Jass" and to his surprise, there actually is a guy with the name of Hugh Jass.
    • Something very similar happened in the episode Donnie Fatso, where Moe Syszlak got a call requesting for a "Yuri Nater", and called out to the patrons asking for him, with predictable results. However, it wasn't a prank call, as the caller did actually intend to speak with a person by that name (The man in question was the caller's Russian business associate), and the person Moe was implied to have chewed out on for it was actually Fat Tony, the mafia underboss.
    • The "Flaming Moe" was originally named the "Flaming Homer". That is, "flaming 'mo" vs. "flaming homo".
    • "Don't worry, there will be no one to make fun of your name anymore, Mr. Glasscock."
    • In another episode, Cletus reveals that he names his kids after what they think will happen to them when they grow up. "Ain't that right, Stabbedinjail?"
    • Joey Joe-Joe Jr. Shabadoo, which at first appears to be a name Homer makes up on the spot for his hypothetical "friend." However, Moe's derisive reaction to the name leads a man to run sobbing out of the bar and Barney to call "Hey, Joey Joe-Joe!" after him.
    • All of the fake names Bart uses for prank-calling Moe's (such as "Al Caholic," "Jacques Strappe," "I.P. Freely," "Seymour Butz," "Homer Sexual," "Mike Rotch," "Amanda Hugginkiss," "Ivana Tinkle," and "Ollie Tabooger") qualify.
    • "I will not mock Mrs. Dumbface."
    • Another teacher was named "Dick Testiclees".
    • In one episode in which Homer is banned from Moe's, a man who looks just like him enters the bar and is pretty confused by the reception:
    "Homer? Who is this 'Homer'? My name is Guy Incognito."
    • In a flashback to when Marge is pregnant with Bart, Homer wants to call the child Bartholemew, and takes care to check if the name could be mis-used to joke effect by other kids in the playground;
    Aart, Bart, Cart, Dart, Eart...no, don't see any problem there.
    • "Little Orphan Millie" had a man named Gaylord Q. Tinkledink, who was looking for his nephew, Nerdletob Z. Pantybottom.
    • Bart's best friend is Milhouse Mussolini Van Houten. Matt Groening even said he purposely picked the most unfortunate name for a child.
  • The Venture Bros. "Phantom Limb" "Dr. Girlfriend" "White Noise" "Major Tom" and "The Action Man" are old friends of Dr. Jonas Venture. One episode opens with a communication between The Action Man and Major Tom that copied lyrics from a classic David Bowie tune.
    • Dr. Girlfriend eventually became Dr. Mrs. The Monarch. The Monarch once referred to her as Dr. My Wife.
  • Looney Tunes used to play with this, the initials I.M. before a name suggesting their profession.
  • Woody Woodpecker once had a character named Ivan Awfulitch.
    • Woody Woodpecker too.
  • The Beavis And Butthead episode "Prank Call" has Harry Sachz, whom the duo incessantly harass with prank phone calls for a month before he goes ballistic.
    • And that's hardly the only example. They've also run in a health inspector named Harry Buttisker (which they mispronounce as "Butt whisker"), a reporter named Betsy Weiner, and a recruiting sergeant named Dick Leakey (whose army nickname is "The Rooster," another innuendo). And then, of course, Butt-Head.
    • There's also Beavis and Butt-Head Do America, where they mispronounce various town names during their cross-country trip.
  • In an episode of SpongeBob SquarePants where SpongeBob and Squidward were trying to name all the customers that come to the Krusty Krab, they come across a guy that they don't know, so they ask his name. He keeps saying "What Zit Tooya". Turns out it was his real name.
    • Smitty Werbenjagermanjenson, whose name doesn't even fit on his headstone.
    • Sandy Cheeks. Especially if you take "cheeks" to mean "butt cheeks." Made even worse since "Sandy" was the name of the second most infamous hurricane in recent memory.
  • Played with in an episode of Family Guy: Peter tries to drum up support for a new pro-smoking bill. He then encounters (real-life) House Majority Leader Dick Armey (R-TX) and laughs hysterically at his name, refuses to believe it is his real name and then mocks him asking if his wife is called "Vagina Coastguard". The other senators start to get it after this.
    • Saturday Night Live made this joke several years prior. Dick Armey is called Penis Navy, Weiner Airforce, and Vagina Coastguard. Here is the script from the sketch, but it is much funnier to watch the whole thing.
    • Vagina Hertz.
    • In a cutaway about the signing of the Declaration of Independence:
    Speaker: Let's take roll call first. Thomas Jefferson?
    Jefferson: Here!
    Franklin: Here!
    Speaker: John Footpenis?
    John Hancock: It's Hancock now!
    Speaker: Why?
    Hancock: Mind your business, that's why!
    • This rather unexpected exchange from when Meg and Peter get a job at a Walmart-like superstore.
    Meg: Sorry, Mr. Penisburg, I quit.
    Peter: (Naturally ecstatic at this new development) Penisburg?!
    Penisburg: Yeah, yeah. Get it out of your system.
    • Jeffrey Fecalman, Glenn Quagmire's former brother-in-law. Fridge Brilliance in that he was an abusive sociopath who often beat Quagmire's sister— i.e. a real turd.
  • "Hello, my name is Larry Littlejunk." The names go downhill from there.
  • Pretty much a lot of Hanna-Barbera's cartoon animal sidekicks, particularly those whose names are one syllable said twice. The most notable instance of this trope being used there would have to be Touché Turtle's sidekick; you'd have to be a really cruel parent to name your kid Dum-dum.
  • Gorillaz singer 2D is actually named Stuart Pot, and became known as Stu-Pot prior to the accidents which gave him his "2 Dents". It could be worse; his father had the family surname legally changed from "Tusspot" after a lifetime of teasing.
  • South Park:
    • Parodied with teacher Ms. Choksondik ("chokes-on-dick"). While the kids insult her endlessly, they never notice her name, though they do sometimes modify it insultingly (calling her "Ms. Chokes-on-rocks" or "Ms. Makes-me-sick").
    • The Super Best Friends member Semen.
    Seaman: "It's Seaman!"
    Buddha: "But that's what I said. Semen."
    Seaman: "Stop it!"
    • In "Something You Can Do With Your Finger", Cartman forms a boy band called "Fingerbang", on the assumption that "fingerbanging" is another name for making Finger Guns.
    • In one episode, the field reporter for a news story was "A normal-looking guy with a funny name," that name being "Creamy Goodness".
  • There are Transformers called Shothole, Slag (who has since been renamed Slug, which is not much of an improvement), Skids, Huffer, Windbreaker, Slapper, Erector, Discharge, and Heave among others.
    • And now we can add Spastic to the pile.
    • Wipe!
    • Another unfortunate is Skidmark.
    • The verdict has yet to return on Squeezeplay, but by Primus, the images that name invokes...
    • As if deciphering the proper romanization of Deszaras wasn't frustrating enough, the name also causes TF fans in Hungary to giggle, as it's so close to the expressions "de szaros" (how shitty) and "Beszarás!" (Holy shit!).
    • There's also a human country called Carbombya.
      • It was a thinly veiled jab at Libya. Casey Kasem (who was ethnically Arab) found it so offensive he quit voice acting for the show, and Bluestreak, Cliffjumper, and Teletraan 1, his three main voices on the show, were written out.
    • Bulkhead isn't quite as bad as some others, but it's bad enough that it got noticed in-series.
  • Khaka Peu Peu from Phineas and Ferb.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • Twilight Sparkle, when you think of a certain sparkly vampire.
    • Diamond Tiara's father, who insists that everyone call him Rich. That's because the first half of his name is "Filthy". Luckily he has all those bags of money to make him feel better about, well, being named Filthy.
      • It could be worse. His grandfather's first name was Stinking. And he wasn't born Rich, either.
      • And his wife is called SPOILED MILK. At least she changed it to Spoiled Rich when she married him. Someone needs to explain the trends of naming in Equestria.
    • And now that it's canon, one can only assume (and hope) that "Derpy" doesn't have the same connotations in Equestria that it does on Earth.
    • Rainbow Dash's mother is named "Windy Whistles". How does one not make a fart joke?
  • Pingu's sister's name is Pinga. The word is probably meaningless in it's original Swiss French and the show was produced years before Pinga as a sexual slang entered mainstream North American English.
  • Dethklok's therapist is named Dr. Twinkletits. In a case of pronunciation fun, his name is pronounced "Twink-eh-let-tis".
  • Titan Maximum has Admiral Bitchface. Hey, it's German.
    • "Schlampegesicht", maybe.
  • Mayor Poopenmeyer from Futurama. His name was actually invented as a one-off joke for his first appearance.
  • In a Robot Chicken skit where Gargamel turns himself into a Smurf, when asked for his name he nervously ends up with Gargel Smurf, which attracts the attention of Vanity Smurf.
  • A running gag on Time Warp Trio is that any villian that isn't a real historical figure will have a name that ultimately sounds like an insulting pun (for example the ancient Egyptian baddie whose name sounded like "Hot Snot".
  • In Dexter's Laboratory, Mandark's real name is Susan. And it wasn't to make him tough, either. His Flower Child parents purposefully chose a Gender-Blender Name for him, and it drove him to go criminally insane.
  • In an episode of Courage the Cowardly Dog, Muriel is kidnapped and forced to make kilts for a gnome-like man. Eventually, Courage discovers that the guy hates his name: Rumpled Kiltskin. When Muriel finds out about this, she suggests he legally change his name, suggesting "Rumplestiltskin". The guy actually thinks that's a good idea, and suggests the two become business partners. It Makes Sense In Context, seriously, as much as the show does in general...
  • When Lucky is adopted in the 2010 Pound Puppies series, his owner gives the name "Mr. Chewy McFluffster". (The owner in question also has a hamster named "Prince Fudgiepaws".)
    • In "Olaf In Love", we find that Olaf's last name is "Hugglesbjork".
    • In another episode, a male Maltese has the name "Princess":
      Rebound: If you're a boy, then why are you called "Princess"?
      Princess: You ever hear of an adorable Maltese named "Ralph"?
  • If he didn't have such an appropriate nickname, Kick Buttowski would probably count.
  • In one episode of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Bloo offers a man a chance to adopt Cheese, and when the man seems to have doubts about it, Bloo offers to include another imaginary friend named Crackers. In the next scene, Bloo is trying to console Crackers, who is crying:
    Bloo: I'm sorry, Crackers, I guess he was hungry... He must have thought I meant real crackers...
    Crackers: That's what they all say! (runs away crying)
    • Another example of this Trope in the same episode is that if Mac had imagined him, as he first believed, then they would have been, together, "Mac and Cheese". Fortunately, as it turns out, Mac did not; Cheese was actually his neighbor's friend. (He had just gotten lost.)
      • Likewise, Bloo and Cheese together would've been "Bloo Cheese".
      • Taking it once further, the name of the kid who did imagine Cheese (who appears right after Bloo makes a dialogue that's a Hurricane of Puns about cheese) is Louise.
    Bloo: I mean, jeeze Louise!
    Cheese and Louise: Yes?
  • Archer has the KGB director Nikolai Jakov, whose surname sounds practically identical to the word "jack-off".
    • Accidental example: "ISIS" was a perfectly innocent spy agency name until the rise of a real-life terrorist group that was called that. There's a reason they became CIA contractors.
  • G-rated lampshading in Young Justice, when Impulse blurts out Nightwing's and Robin's real names in front of Beast Boy. Nightwing just looks annoyed.
    BB: "Your name's Tim?! And yours is... [uncertain cringe] Dick?"
  • In Despicable Me 2, the head of the Anti-Villain League is Silas Ramsbottom. The Minions find his last name hilarious, and even Gru gets in a jab or two:
    Gru: Good day, Mr. Sheepsbutt.
    Ramsbottom: Ramsbottom.
    Gru: Yeah, like that's any better!
  • Phineas and Ferb had the band Love Handel in "Dude We're Getting The Band Back Together". Whilst it may be a pun on "love handle", if you speak German (Standard German) it means "love trade" (suggesting prostitution or streetwalkers, unfortunately).
  • In Coraline, one of Coraline's new neighbors is named Wyborne. As in, "why born." Don't think Coraline doesn't notice this.
  • When Glenn Quagmire (briefly) attempts to raise an unexpected daughter in Family Guy, he thinks Anna Lee would be an appropriate name.
    She can always shorten it to "Anal".
  • In the Sealab 2021 episode "Chalkboard Jungle", Quinn thinks the other students are making fun of the fat kid before he looks at the roster and learns the kid's name really is Fatass McBlobbicus.

  • The cartoon spinoff of the Killer Tomatoes had Putrid T. Gangreene, who wears his name proud (since ANY trope in this series will be parodied to hell and back).
  • The name of the titular character in Ni Hao, Kai-Lan may sound like a typical Chinese name to most westerners. However, for people who speak a little-known Chinese dialect called Hokkien, her name means Chinese broccoli.
  • Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero:
    • In "Defending the Earth", Rippen is known as "Ugthar the Ugly".
    Rippen: No, that can't be my name.
    • In "The Old, Old West", Penn and Boone can't help but mock at the town named "Butte".
  • GoGo Sentai Boukenger has a Big Bad called High Bishop Gajah, which is pretty much Bilingual Bonus since Gajah is archaic Indonesian for Bishop. However, in modern Indonesian and Malay, the word unfortunately means Elephant.
  • Mr. Poopybutthole from Rick and Morty. Do we really have to spell it out?
    • Not to mention Principal Vagina, who can't introduce himself without adding some sort of explanation.
  • In Bojack Horseman, one of the child actors who worked on Bojack's old sitcom is named Bradley Hitler-Smith. According to the writers, the idea of someone keeping the name Hitler in the modern era and giving the name to their kids was just too funny to pass up.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender has the name of the titular "benders". In American English it's a fine name. However, in British English the word is a derogatory term which effectively means the same as "faggot" does in American English, making the title and a lot of lines from the show sound incredibly (and likely hilariously) offensive.
  • Bender from Futurama is in the exact same boat as the Avatar example above, though given the comedic tone of the show it's not so much unfortunate as it is unintentionally hilarious.
  • He-Man and the Masters of the Universe has a character named Fisto, explained to be a ex-villain who underwent a Heel–Face Turn. We don't think we need to spell out the problem with that name.