Uncanny Valley: Fan Works

  • In With Strings Attached, Brox looks and acts like a normal little child—until he/she starts acting his/her real age. Her/his whole mien shifts, which creeps out the four considerably.
  • Nebiros in New Dawn is already an outlandish looking demonic clown, barely even human looking, so it might count as an aversion, as he does not look human enough to qualify for the trope. However, it is played straight with his speaking patterns. He talks as a whole like a young teenager, has no sense of personal space, views reality as a game and is oh so enthusiastic in a very child-like way about what he does. And, suffice to say, he does not see anything wrong with being a serial killer: "Because its so fun, watching em flail about like a fishy!"
  • In X-Men fanfic Mutatis Mutandis, Northstar is basically described as vampirically beautiful. Rogue notices when she stares at Northstar's face for more than a few minutes, he looks so eerily perfect that he seems creepy and surreal.
  • In Through A Diamond Sky, Jordan takes the doppelganger issue mostly in stride...but is never entirely sure what to make of her husband's double, Clu.
    • The same author has Tron: Invasion (a very loose adaptation of Tron 2.0), where Jet and Mercury appear as this to each other. Jet observes that Mercury's face is a little too angular and her movements a little too precise to be human, while Mercury is vaguely put off by Jet's hair color, the lack of circuitry under his gridsuit, and the "strangely flat" quality to his voice.
  • In Morphic, this comes into effect in Chapter 13 after Jean accidentally "evolves," causing her face and limbs to get out of proportion. The trope title is even stated word for word.
  • In the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Interspecies Romance fic Xenophilia, Rainbow Dash and most other ponies find regular non-sapient horses creepier than humans, mainly because of facial expressions.
  • The fic Brony Steve Makes Out With Fluttershy. As part of a deconstruction of the typical Wish Fulfillment Self-Insert Fic, the protagonist realizes that the cartoonish ponies look rather grotesque with their half-horse, half-human features. The author has also dedicated a blog post to this issue.
  • Getting Back on Your Hooves has this inuniverse with Checker Monarch. According to Word of God, the fact she's a Sociopath in a society where compassion and love are basically hardwired into everypony's genes makes her Lack of Empathy this for anyone who she lets see it.
  • G1 My Little Pony "twinkle-eyed ponies" get this treatment in A Mighty Demon Slayer Grooms Some Ponies. As their eyes are just unmoving gemstones, their faces seem creepily emotionless no matter what their mood is.
  • Loopers caught up in The Infinite Loops will sometimes muse on how non-looping individuals and even nonawake versions of looping individuals are disturbingly static and predictable. On the flip side, young loopers or particularly competent nonloopers will sometimes view Loopers as strange eldritch forces inhabiting the bodies of their friends.
  • The Uncanny Danny is a Danny Phantom fanfic written with this trope as its core element.
  • Invoked with Dark Tails in Sonic X: Dark Chaos, whose unblinking pupiless white eyes and emotionless features freeze Tails and Cosmos with terror during their first encounter in Episode 62. It's also completely fitting.
  • Although a lot of it is heavily dependent on the individual writer due to the general nature of these works, the Newfoals (humans turned into ponies through a magical potion) will frequently give off this vibe to humans and natural born ponies.
    • In The Conversion Bureau: Not Alone and its sequel The Conversion Bureau: Conquer the Stars, the newfoals are able to get sad, scared and even annoyed and frustrated, but they can't get angry or assert themselves. The natural born ponies are revealed to be unsettled by this, while the humans are just put off by how the newfoals possess their former human selves' memories and none of their original personality.
    • In The Conversion Bureau: The Other Side of the Spectrum, aside from being perpetually smiling, glassy-eyed Extreme Doormats with no free will or individuality (to the point where many characters liken them to zombies), TCB!Trixie also points out that every single Newfoal, no matter how long it's been since they were ponified, is a blank flank, and she treats it as the unsettling icing on top of the creepiness cake. It's basically Getting Smilies Painted on Your Soul taken Up to Eleven and then some.
      • To a lesser extent, Comet Tail in the Asia Side Story finds regular earth horses to be rather unsettling and strange looking, though she notes they are still just somewhat better than the Newfoals. Another character named Sergei references this trope by name.