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Ugly Cute: Toys
  • Cabbage Patch Kids, when they were first introduced.
  • The Uglydolls, with their strange colors and asymmetry, it's enough to make you wanna squish 'em!
  • And Living Dead Dolls.
  • And Pussycat Dolls! Wait...
  • Domo-kun!?!
  • Boglins
  • Several BIONICLE characters and creatures can be considered this; particularly the smaller ones.
  • Many of the offerings at
    • It will probably be the only time in your life where you will say with all honesty (unless you're a dirty bugcatcher) "I want AIDS!"
  • From Transformers, Ravage is sure to give you cuddly nightmares. And that's just his regular figure, not the Superdeformed Robot Heroes version.
  • The immortal Sock Monkey.
    • Along that vein (and created in the same town as the Sock Monkey was—seriously, we have giant plexiglass sock monkeys and a sock monkey wing in the museum): The adorable creepy/ugly-cute of the Socks That Rock line.
  • Mutant Dolls. Basically ragdolls with huge eyes, horns, fangs, floppy, lopsided bodies, and and odd, vacant stares - and you just wanna hug 'em?
  • The legendary "Robert The Doll" would fit in this trope. Sure, he's a haunted doll rumored to curse you if you don't ask him permission before taking his picture, but he is kinda cute
  • This aesthetic is pretty much why that frog doll... thing... (here, just look at it) is a popular icon. Commonly associated with the phrase "GET OUT", probably because it looks kind of mean.
  • The Worrible. Weird, bulgy-eyed, drooling, round, yet somehow adorable little...thing.
    • Squishables has made plush versions of all sorts of oddly adorable creatures from octopi to jellyfish to axolotl to even Cthulhu. Yes, there's a squishy Cthulhu.
  • This is pretty much the explanation for the success of Troll dolls.
  • The My Pet Monster toy line (and associated media) from the 1980s was a deliberate attempt to invoke this trope, especially with the "My Monster Pet" toys, which were more dog-like. The 2001 Toymax version retooled the Monster making him more conventionally cute, but still falling into this trope.

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