Ugly Cute: Tabletop Games

  • Eyeball beholderkin from Dungeons & Dragons. They have huge central eyes, magic-beam-shooting eyestalks, and fanged mouths like their larger, more dangerous relatives — and are about the size of large grapefruit.
    • Also imps and quasits from the same game.
    • While we're at it, most baby dragons don't look very much better than their adult forms, but are still able to pull this off. Especially blue dragons, for some reason.
      • Blue dragon wyrmlings have huge eyes, faces that look like they've run face-first into a brick wall, big ears (which no other chromatic dragon has) and nubby horns. They're like spiky blue pugs the size of golden retrievers.
      • Pseudodragons. Also described as having 'the personality of a common housecat'. D'awww, I want one!
    • Though often hated by most, Flumphs embody this trait. Think of a pancake crossed with an octopus floating around and you've got the idea.
    • Goblins and Kobolds. Two races of three-foot-tall people whose apparent racial destiny is to be killed by first-level PCs - you have to feel for them a little.
      • Cutebolds are the logical conclusion of this trope.
    • Otyughs may be stalked eyed dragon monsters that wallow in other monster's poop but who can stay mad at that happy grin?
  • Pathfinder goblins are the game's Mascot Mook for a reason. They're a race of cartoonishly stupid pyromaniac murderous chibis with a penchant for morbid little songs and wacky antics.
  • Magic: The Gathering has several. Who'd have thought that a psycho killer named Murderous Redcap could be so huggable? Or that a slimy a mossdog looks like it would make a good pet? To say nothing of a few of the Tyranid / Zerglike Slivers.
  • Warhammer 40,000 has a race of Orks who are so exaggerated and silly, some find them oddly adorable. Everyone else finds them Crazy Awesome.
  • Pygmy trolls and troll whelps in Iron Kingdoms.
  • The UrbanMech in BattleTech. A stubby, dome-topped "walking trash can" often compared to R2D2 with a BFG spot-welded onto it, the Urbanmech is short, graceless, unglamorous, slow as molasses in winter, and beloved by many fans for its endearingly stumpy qualities.