Ugly Cute: Animated Films


  • Glen Keane absolutely had this in mind when designing Beast for Beauty and the Beast.
  • Anastasia from Cinderella is portrayed as one of the "ugly" stepsisters, but as her inner goodness developed in the sequels, she veered into this category.
  • Olaf, the gawky looking snowman from Frozen.
  • The peg-legged, sharp-toothed, gravel-voiced Fidget the bat from The Great Mouse Detective (though he's terrifying in his first appearance).
  • Quasimodo from Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Of course he's considerably less ugly than he was supposed to be in the book.
  • Stitch from Lilo & Stitch. Sometimes very cute. Sometimes very not cute, especially when he's in one of his Killer Rabbit moods.
    • All of the experiments apply. You could also count Jumba and Pleakley, too. And Lilo's doll, Scrump. Let's just face it: Chris Sanders loves Ugly Cute.
  • Nearly half the non-human cast of The Princess and the Frog, especially Ray.
  • Tick Tock the Crocodile from Disney's adaptation of Peter Pan. On the one hand, he's a crocodile with a taste for human (in this case Captain Hook's) flesh with razor sharp teeth. On the other hand, he's so goofy-looking and his antics with Hook are so funny that you can't help but find him endearing.
  • The Big-Nosed Thug at the Snuggly Duckling in Tangled, who reveals himself to be a hopeless romantic in the number "I've Got A Dream".
  • Wreck-It Ralph has Turbo. Basically picture the adorable Kick Buttowski as a zombie.
    • Ralph and Felix themselves qualify, but is quite justified since they are "8-bit" characters.



Tim Burton Stop-Motion

  • Some fans of Corpse Bride consider the title character, Emily, to be rather cute for a rotting corpse in a tattered wedding dress whose eye occasionally falls out.
    • Her Peter Lorre maggot has his own charm.
  • Most of the cast of The Nightmare Before Christmas who aren't the leads, who are more traditionally cute. Even the vampires are adorable!

Blue Sky

  • Scrat from Ice Age probably qualifies with that long snout, big eyes and pointed fangs of his.
    • Sid is also very weird looking with his wide-set eyes, big nose, and crooked teeth all the way down to his slothy hips. He's clumsy, awkward, and is voiced by John Leguizamo in a tone that goes from normal with a lisp to shrill and girly. Everything about him is absolutely huggable.
  • Rio: Tyler "Blu" Gunderson.

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