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[[folder: Harsh (Tsun)]]
* Fio from ''[[ Circumstances of the Revenant Braves]]'' is a soft example of Harsh.
* Faye in ''Webcomic/QuestionableContent''. She's also a bit of a subversion, as she's aware she has "issues" and is currently seeking professional help for them. (Even if she agreed to seek that help in order to avoid the ''other'' elephant in the room (Marten's feelings towards her)) The Tsundere attitude itself is lampshaded and deconstructed when Raven points out that [[ these things may have consequences.]] Also lampshaded by a shirt with the word 'Tsundere' printed on the front which she occasionally wears. Interestingly, the shirt was a gift from Hanners, who wasn't entirely sure that Faye would understand the reference.
** Hell, the Harsh type is essentially the selling point of ''[[DoomyDoomsOfDoom Coffee of Doom]]'' the coffee shop Dora owns, as its customers seem to enjoy being served by the tsuntsun Faye.
* Kate in ''Webcomic/{{Misfile}}'' alternates between this and {{Kuudere}}. She's not in love with the protagonist and treats [[GenderBender him/her]] as a little sister. But Ash is still one of the three people in the comic who can draw out anything resembling deredere from Kate. [[spoiler: We could assume she's softened up for Harry a little, since she acts as his secretary without complaint and eventually ''marries'' him. For the most part her face is blank now that her sister isn't haunting her, but the temper Kate had? All natural.]]
* Aubrey started out as this in ''Webcomic/SomethingPositive'', but she's gotten to the point where she uses words before her fists. She still has a sharp tongue though.
* Annys in ''Magichero''.
* Dree from ''[[ Dante Residential]]''.
* Gwynn from ''Webcomic/SluggyFreelance''. In almost all her relationships, not just the romantic one(s), although her friendships with other women can be a bit less like this.
** Kada Jansen, too. Well, except for the part about friendships with other women, because the only other females in the "Oceans Unmoving" saga are either flashback-only characters or enemies.
** Sasha, however, [[SubvertedTrope subverts]] this trope, [[ being a very different kind of girlfriend for Riff than Gwynn]].
--->'''Torg:''' Sasha's over here just about every day, curious why you're ignoring her. ''What am I supposed to tell her?''
--->'''Riff:''' Whatever you want.
--->'''Torg:''' This is more than just a ''little'' creepy, Riff.
--->'''Riff:''' "Creepy?" Torg, it's about ''Gwynn!'' ''How'' do I explain to my ''current girlfriend'' that my ''ex-girlfriend'', currently demon-possessed, is haunting my dreams and might be stopping by any day to ''collect all our souls?''
--->'''Torg:''' No, that's not creepy. I was talking about Sasha. She isn't hurt or angry, just ''curious''.
--->'''Riff:''' Oh, ''that!'' You get used to it.
* Sheena from ''Webcomic/KidRadd'', of the [[DeadpanSnarker snarky]], [[OnlySaneMan surrounded by fools]] variety. In other words, she's [[Anime/LuckyStar Kagami]].
* Hayasaka Erika from ''Webcomic/{{Megatokyo}}''. She's bitter and sarcastic most of the time, and has occasional violent outbursts. When she first met Largo, she broke his arm. But when Largo shows he respects her for who she is, not the star she once was, the ''deredere'' comes out in full force.
** Also Miho and Piro.
*** Miho generally hides it under scorn, but once you get past that she's stereotypically Harsh.
*** Piro is a bit of a weird one. He's nice to strangers, frustrated with Largo, and Sweet with his girlfriend (though he's pretty good at keeping the ''tsuntsun'' from getting out of hand). When he's talking about/to Miho, however, he goes full Harsh. It latter turns out that he's got a ''very'' good reason for this.
* Lynda of ''Webcomic/PennyAndAggie'', towards Rob, in the "Modern Maturity" arc which [[WholeEpisodeFlashback flashes back]] to their high school years. [[JustifiedTrope Justified]] in that Rob shows his affection by teasing and pranking her, provoking angry and even violent reactions. She begins to warm up to him when he reveals he has a [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold caring and thoughtful]] side.
* ''Webcomic/APTComic'' has plenty, all of which are [[AuthorAppeal intentional.]]
* Aeris from ''Webcomic/VGCats'', towards Leo Leonardo III.
* Lucy from ''Webcomic/BittersweetCandyBowl'' is a pretty excellent example of this [[spoiler:until she ''finally'' admits to her feelings for Mike]].
** Actually, Lucy is a {{Deconstruction}} of the {{Tsundere}} trope. [[spoiler:Her punching and striking Mike is not played for laughs, and Mike's reaction to this and the consequences of her behavior is arguably a realistic depiction of what a real, hard-core {{Tsundere}} would be like.]]
* Morrienoah Jin from ''Webcomic/{{Trace}}'' is a male example.
* [[ Layla]] from ''Webcomic/FarOutThere'' would seem to qualify.
* BLU Scout from the ''VideoGame/TeamFortress2'' webcomic ''Webcomic/CuantaVida''. His relationship with Bleu mostly consists of following him around, hurling gay slurs at him, and occasionally complimenting him under his breath...[[spoiler: until he confesses that he thinks he's gay, and attracted to him.]]
* The trolls in ''Webcomic/{{Homestuck}}'' have a [[BizarreAlienReproduction rather bizarre romantic system]] in which [[FoeYay intense hate is considered a form of romance]], leading to some odd twists on this trope.
** Vriska [[BastardGirlfriend abuses Tavros]], but claims her true motivations are to [[CruelToBeKind make him stronger in the end.]] Whether she's lying or not, it's implied this is a form of flirtation. It fails miserably--poor Tavros is so frightened of her tsuntsun side that the deredere side never even ''occurred'' to him. She later treats John in a more straightforwardly {{Tsundere}} way, her occasional moments of touching kindness throwing her typical cruelty into sharper relief. She also tones down the cruelty a lot, partly because she's not in the same location as John and therefore can't, say, toss him off a cliff and break his spine.
** Karkat behaves this way. His default attitude is to rant and yell at basically everyone he comes across, but he has very occasional moments of adorable[[labelnote:*]]sorry, ''[[ adorabloodthirsty]]''[[/labelnote]] ''dere''. In his relationship with Terezi, in particular, this trope is played with, in that the ''tsun'' is also implied to be romantic in nature. [[ Here]], he accuses himself of being a tsundere to Terezi in order to pursue both a [[FoeYay hate-based]] ''and'' a love-based romance with her, and thus keep her all to himself.
*** He even does a classic tsundere move [[ here]], apologizing to Jade and calling her "[[UsefulNotes/{{Baka}} idiot]]" in the same breath.
* Susan, in ''Webcomic/ElGoonishShive'', is a mild example. Her outward attitude towards most strangers is cool, aloof, and snarky. Then, when she reveals her inner Susan, she can be playful and fun. The latter is rare, however.
* Colette Pickman in ''Webcomic/OwMySanity''. Unfortunately, David has too much GenreSavvy and not enough patience for the tsundere approach, leading to a ''harsh'' ShipSinking[=/=]TheReasonYouSuckSpeech.
* Natani, from ''Webcomic/{{Twokinds}}''. She has a crush on Keith, but love isn't one of the defining qualities of a hit-and-run assassin. Having a [[spoiler:supposedly]] male personality doesn't help.
* Yuudai from ''Webcomic/{{Sakana}}'' is very ''tsun'' around his co-workers, and very ''dere'' [[KindheartedCatLover around his cat]]. The moments where he actually shows his kind side to them are rare indeed. He is not a bad guy, though.
** He is also [[HoYay notably flustered]] when [[NoSenseOfPersonalSpace Taisei]] is not put off by Yuudais {{Jerkass}} behaviour and instead immediately accepts Yuudai as his friend and pulls him into some sort of "bro hug", thus invading Yuudais normally well-protected comfort zone. He then begins to treat Taisei a bit better and even defends him when someone yells at him and treats him rudely, showing that he does care.
* Carol from ''Webcomic/BetweenFailures''.
* Onani-chan from ''Webcomic/LargeBagel'' is a parody of {{Tsundere}} characters. She has a crush on the protagonist, Pinisu-chan.
* The boss in [[ this]]''Webcomic/{{Chainsawsuit}}'' strip is a rare male tsundere.
* In ''Webcomic/CommanderKitty'', [[ Nin Wah appears to]] [[ be this towards CK.]] [[spoiler: [[ It's more exaggerated with her]] [[ReplicantSnatching android duplicate.]]]]
* Evelyne from ''Webcomic/GoGetARoomie'' is assertive rather than aggressive, but nevertheless a [[ hilariously good example.]]
* Peridot the Witch from ''Webcomic/CucumberQuest'' is haughty, grouchy, and downright dangerous if she decides to fling a petrification spell your way. And yet, she goes strangely flustered and pink in the face when the Legendary Hero's swashbuckling little sister is around...
-->"I'm not taking this (gift) because I need your pity or anything, okay??"
* Anak Zahard of ''Webcomic/TowerOfGod'' had a mother who was constantly bemoaning her marriage, insulting her husband and arguing with him over everything, but it's pretty obvious the women was madly in love with her husband and as Anak states, the only misfortune her mother ever faced in her life was his death.
* Yamaguchi-san of ''Webcomic/{{Krakow}}'' is an AxCrazy parody of the trope. She only reveals her "dere-dere" side while drunk. She claims that all Japanese women are like this towards the ones they like, which is one reason Japan has such a war-torn history. Cue a scene from the Warring States Era featuring a female ninja attacking UsefulNotes/OdaNobunaga while calling him a "baka".
* ''WebComic/MagickChicks'': Being that she's an {{expy}} of [[VisualNovel/FateStayNight Rin Tohsaka]], Tandy is both a '''Harsh''' and a Class S ZettaiRyouki example (when she's in uniform). She initially seems cold and distant, but opens up a bit [[ once someone has earned her respect.]]
* Billie and Ruth in ''Webcomic/{{Walkyverse}}'' and ''Webcomic/DumbingOfAge''. The rerun commentary for one Billie ''Roomies'' strip even says "[[ can you tell iím a fan of the tsundere]]"
** An interesting example where two Tsunderes are involved with each other.
* Clifford from ''WebComic/WildeLife'', definitely has this. The readers love to point this out in the comments whenever he shows up.
* Ada from ''TheNightBelongsToUs''. The author even has a tag for "Ada being Tsundere".
* Zheng Xi from ''WebComic/NineteenDays'' is very heavy on the tsun to Jian Yi, but will go dere if he feels that a punch to the face isn't appropriate or won't get his point across. Hell, the fandom called him "Tsundere" before his name was revealed.
* Castela, from ''WebComic/WapsiSquare'', insisting that her trip to an anime convention with classmate Timothy - the first time she has gone all-out for a human appearance, including makeup, cute Japanese clothing, earrings, etc. - is "NOT a date". Katherine and Atsali agree Timothy will never know what hit him.

[[folder: Sweet (Dere)]]
* Kei's mother from ''[[ Circumstances of the Revenant Braves]]'' is a fairly extreme case of Sweet.
* Emily from ''Webcomic/{{Misfile}}'' is quite capable of turning into the ClingyJealousGirl anytime someone else puts the moves on Ash, but fond of giving Ash the cold shoulder or verbal smack-down if Ash makes a move on her. This is because Ash is [[GenderBender currently a girl]] and Emily [[TransparentCloset is not gay at all]].
* [[Webcomic/SomethingPositive Pee-Jee]] is Sweet. She's a genuinely nice person, who happens to have a violent temper. And when she snaps, blood splatters.
* [[Webcomic/QuestionableContent Marigold]], [[ kind of]].
%%* Jean Poule in ''Webcomic/TheInexplicableAdventuresOfBob'' is Sweet.
* Sarah Williams' portrayal in the ''{{Franchise/Buildingverse}}''... "no matter how she likes to deny it" to quote the artist of ''Webcomic/GirlsNextDoor''. This was even lampshaded by Jareth's [[SuperpoweredEvilSide dark side]] in ''{{Webcomic/Roommates}}'', after he confessed his love and just before he did what probably many characters unlucky enough to be blessed with a tsundere dream of. [[spoiler:Tried to murder her.]]
* [[Webcomic/{{Homestuck}} Feferi Peixes]] is usually a GenkiGirl, and- as Sollux puts it- "sickeningly sweet". Yet she responds to insults with swift, furious remarks. Within a few sentences she's always back to sweetness, as exemplified in her [[spoiler:breakup]] with Eridan and [[ feelings jam]] with Sollux.
-->'''Sollux:''' ''(in response to Feferi inviting Kanaya into the horn pile)'' Of course there's no room. It was kind of a moronic invitation, to be honest.
-->'''Feferi:''' Hey, shut your mopey blowhole! I was just showing a little courtesy. Really, you are just the grouchiest dude sometimes. [[TsunDere And it's really cute]].

* Despite what she says in [[ this strip]], Eri-chan in ''Okashina Okashi'' is closer to {{Yandere}} than {{Tsundere}}.
* Parodied somewhat with Chiaki in ''Webcomic/SparklingGenerationValkyrieYuuki'' where the character in question is left in utter bewilderment by her own jumps between happy and exceedingly depressed explaiming that she has "No idea how she should feel!" Truthfully, she's more of a genki girl, but...
* The Joy, in ''Webcomic/TheCobraDays.'' However, in a six-person QuirkyMinibossSquad with three {{sociopathic hero}}es, her ''deredere'' moments make her one of the Cobra Unit's ''less'' potentially explosive personalities.
* Laika in ''Webcomic/TsunamiChannel'''s "Experimental Comic Kotone".
** To a lesser degree, Lisa, too.
* Parley from ''Webcomic/GunnerkriggCourt'' won't stop pestering her medium class colleague Smitty with arm locks and noogies and anything that requires her to put her arms around him. He puts up with her treatment because he [[ thinks she's "hotter than hell"]]. After she did finally admit [[EveryoneCanSeeIt the obvious]], we find out that Smitty "[[ don't mind too much]]" annoying things that happen ''because of'' her either... in part, ''because of'' her attitude.
** From [[ tsun to dere]], and then... [[ both simultaneously.]] Eventually her tsun-ness [[ completely disappears.]]
* Parodied in [[〈= this strip]] of ''Tomoyo42's Room''. (Comic {{NSFW}}.)
* Monique from ''Webcomic/{{Sinfest}}'' pretty much gives equal time for her "tsun" and "dere" aspects, especially with [[CasanovaWannabe Slick]]. Fuchsia, on the other hand, is either this or a {{Yandere}}.
* ''NerfNow'' is quite fond of this as seen [[ here]] and [[ here]].
** It can extend to [[ love of games]] as well.
** Referenced by name in [[ Tsundereddit]].
* In ''Webcomic/GeneralProtectionFault'', a grown up Sydney in the BadFuture acts like this toward Todd, expressing irritation at having to save him from police bots and his defeatist attitude regarding the rebellion, but sees him off on his time traveling mission with a kiss. According to an older Professor Wisebottom, she has loved him for years but has never told him.
* Yuki from ''Webcomic/MenageA3'' is extremely Sweet towards Zii, and extremely Harsh to Gary. In fact, she's leaning towards being a deconstruction, since her tsundere tendencies lean uncomfortably towards {{yandere}}, and she's starting to realize how destructive that behavior is.
** And now Sonya seems to be one [[ towards Gary]].
* [[ Elf]] in ''Webcomic/SchlockMercenary'' is somewhat emotionally unstable and prone to overreaction even ''[[ after]]'' she kicked [[PsychoSerum combat stimulants]] addiction and generally felt happy and appreciated. [[ Before]] that, she oscillated between "nice" and "violent" much faster and [[ easier]].
* Kaji from ''Webcomic/SeiyuuCrush'' tends to be Harsh to [=KoiZ=], and has been known to stomp on his foot, or [[ launch a banana]] at him after a [[ fit of denial]], but probably has equal amounts of "dere" blushing moments also. Later on [=KoiZ=] figures it out and [[ calls him]] on his tsundere-ness.
* Invoked in the ''WebComic/ManlyGuysDoingManlyThings'' comic [[ The Adventures of Tsundere Clegane]] as how [[WordOfGod Coelasquid]] sees [[Literature/ASongOfIceAndFire Sandor Clegane]] "between accidentally being a good guy and trying to overcompensate for it by yelling about what a bad dude nihilist he really is" and how ''Series/GameOfThrones'' fails to properly portray it.
-->'''Sandor, as he's rescuing a kitten from a tree:''' I SHOULD HAVE SLAUGHTERED YOUR PARENTS AND MADE YOU WATCH!
-->'''Girl:''' [[CrowningMomentOfFunny What a nice man.]]


S-stop wasting your time looking at that! [[{{Tsundere}} Look back at me!]]