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Greetings! I'm a student at the University of California in Irvine. I like to come up with crazy ideas and can be a bit of a Cloud Cuckoolander, having Asperger Syndrome and all, but on the whole, I should be a fairly stable person. I kind of like biology, though I'm not sure which field to go into... and then there's writing, which I'm not good at, but still want to give a shot at. If only I find time to do so. This bloody Quarter system at UCI has me doing exams every other week!

Also, I'm a Pseudocommunist.

I'm ethnically Han Chinese, but I appear to have some Mongol blood in me... This kind of leaves me in an interesting predicament. On the one hand, the Han side of me can say "What now's, BITCH!?!" or I could go along with the Mongol side and say "You Fucking Oppressors!" Ironically, centuries ago, the relation was in reverse. (Sorry if this offends you, though)

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