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Moon Cosmic Power, MAKE UP!

Yoz! (pronounced, "YOHZ") I'm Kablamoid 96, and as my name suggests,Im retarded.

I'm on my way to high school, which I hope is better than my crapsack middle school. I am a total weeaboo, and cannot speak japanese.

I love to play video games on my Super NES, Gamecube, and Wii. Also my Game Boy and Nintendo DS, the latter being broken by my lack of cordination. I love `90's cartoons, despite not being old enough to remember them, live-action shows, games, and music.

I also co-created the fanfic series, Pokemon Squad, which no one cares about.

This is my Danny Phantom Forum. Please join! There are only two members as I type! My KaBlam!! page is all finished. It's located riiight here.

Tropes that apply to moi are: