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A 28 year-old male troper from the cold wastes of Minnesota. (Yah, sure, you betcha.) I live about an hour south of the Twin Cities except we call them "The Cities". Actually, I'm very close to Mankato [1], where the largest mass execution in U.S. History occured. We try to keep that last part quiet, though.

While a major geek in all respects, I love RPGs the most. I'm the DM/GM/Storyteller about 90% of the time. Currently running an Old World of Darkness cross-over game based in Milwaukee Boulder. It contains many homages, Shout Outs and outright stealing from many sources, including The Dark Tower. The players are a Demon-possessed hitman, an ex-military doctor Hunter who looks like the Comedian from Watchmen, a semi-famous web-film director Mage and a 14-year old prostitute Garou. They Fight Pentex! Suffice it to say, it's exactly as crazy as it sounds.

I'm a Discordian. (Yes, really.) Plans to do a major Entry Pimp on Principia Discordia are pending.

Works that I dig include, but are no means limited to:

Tropes present in my life include:

  • Dead Guy Junior: My son's first name is the name of a close friend of mine who died young.